Dr Deborah Lowry

Dr Deborah Lowry

Lecturer in Pharmacy

Research Theme

Chronic and Communicable Conditions

Research Centre

Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing (ARCHA) 

Aston Research centre in CHildren and Young people's health(ARCHY)


I joined the School of life & Health Sciences in January 2011 having worked as a research fellow at the School of Pharmacy, Queens University Belfast in the area of mucosal drug delivery to the vagina for the prevention of HIV. I worked as part of a worldwide multi-disciplinary team. I have experience in formulation of many delivery systems, and in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies.

Teaching Activity on the MPharm Programme

  • PH2502: Pharmaceutical Mircobiology, Immunology, Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics
  • PH3603: Pharmaceutical formulation
  • PH4701: Clinical pharmaceutics and drug delivery

 Qualifications & Education

  • MPhil in Orthopaedics and Trauma, Queens University Belfast
  • PhD in Pharmaceutics, Queens University Belfast


  • Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, Aston University.
  • Research Fellow, School of Pharmacy, Queens University Belfast

Teaching activity

  • I teach 2nd year MPharm module PH2502 (pharmaceutical microbiology, pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics), 3rd year MPharm  module PH3603 (Modified release) and MSc Drug Delivery and Design module PHM010. 
  • Module co-ordinator for PH2502 and PHM010. 
  • Course director for MSc Drug Delivery


Research interests  

  • Design of modified release systems for controlled delivery of peptides, proteins and vaccines.
  • Mucosal drug delivery
  • Aquasomes for vaccine delivery
  • Polymeric delivery systems
  • Pulmonary delivery


PhD Supervision

Opportunities are available for prospective, self-funded MPhil and PhD level research students to conduct research in the area of controlled release.    
Collaborative research is welcomed.

Membership of Professional Bodies 

  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Controlled Release Society
  • UK and Ireland Controlled Release Society


Selected publications



Non-aqueous silicone elastomer gel as a vaginal microbicide delivery system for the HIV-1 entry inhibitor maraviroc, C.J. Forbes, D. Lowry, L. Geer, R.S. Veazey, R.J. Shattock, P.J. Klasse, M. Mitchnick, L. Goldman, L.A. Doyle, B.C.O. Muldoon, A. David Woolfson, J.P. Moore, R. Karl Malcolm. Journal of Controlled Release, 2011 : 156 (2) 161-169

Molecular investigations into vaginal immunization with HIV gp-41 antigenic construct H4A in a quick release solid dosage form, A. Pattani, P. F. McKay, R. M. Curran, J. McCaffrey, P. N. Gupta, D. Lowry, V. L. Kett, R. J. Shattock, H. O. McCarthy, R. K. Malcolm. Vaccine, 2012 : 30 (17) 2778-2785


Characterisation of protein stability in rod-insert vaginal rings, A. Pattini, D. Lowry, R. M. Curran, S. McGrath, V. L. Kett, G. P. Andrews, R. K. Malcolm. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2012 : 430 (1-2) 89-97


Conference abstracts

Pre-treatment with Depo-Provera modifies the pharmacokinetics of CMPD167 in rhesus macaques following vaginal ring administration. R.K.Malcolm, D. Lowry, L. Freen, R. Shattock, M. Mitchnick, L. Geer, P. Klasse, J. Moore, R. Veazey, Microbicides Conference 2010, Pittsburgh, USA

Non-aqueous silicone elastomer gels for practical formulation of water soluble and insoluble HIV microbicides. D. Lowry, C. Forbes, C. McConville, A.D.Woolfson, R.K. Malcolm, Controlled Release Society Conference 2010, Portland, USA

Development of a microbicide-releasing SILCS diaphragm. I. Major, D. Lowry, K. Malcolm, D. Woolfson, J. Cohen, P. LaBarre. Controlled Release Society Conference 2010, Portland, USA

Silicone elastomer rings for sustained delivery of HIV microbicides : correlating historical in vitro and in vivo release data. D. Lowry, S. Fetherston, C, McConville, A.D. Woolfson, R.K. Malcolm, Microbicides Conference 2010, Pittsburgh, USA

Aquasomes as a Carrier System for Proteins and Peptides. F.A. Abdulrazzaq, Y. Perrie, D. Lowry, Controlled Release Society Conference 2011, Quebec City, Canada

Aquasomes as Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems. F.A. Abdulrazzaq, Y. Perrie, D. Lowry, Controlled Release Society Conference 2013, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA