Clifford J. Bailey, PhD, FRCP, FRCPath

Professor of Clinical Science

School of Life & Health Sciences 
Aston University
Aston Triangle
Birmingham B4 7ET

Email: c.j.bailey@aston.ac.uk 
telephone: +44 (0) 121 204 3898
fax: +44 (0) 121 204 3892

Member of the Pharmacy and Biology Teaching Programmes

Research Group

Cell and Tissue Biomedical Research

Research Centre
Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing

Aston Research centre in CHildren and Young people's health(ARCHY)                

I contribute to lectures and practical classes in physiology and lectures and workshops in clinical pharmacy. 

Professor and Head of Diabetes Research, Aston University
Formerly Reader and Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology, and Lecturer in Physiology, Aston University

1998 FRCP, Fellowship, Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh 
1996 FRCPath, Fellowship, Royal College of Pathologists

Diabetes Research at Aston University studies the regulation of nutrient metabolism, the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus and obesity, and the development of new therapies. Specific interests include:

  • Pathogenesis and interventional approaches against insulin resistance
  • Discovery and development of agents to treat diabetes and obesity
  • Islet transplantation and therapeutic use of genetically modified insulin-releasing cells
  • Study design and evaluation of therapies for diabetes and obesity
  • British Endocrine Society
  • British Pharmacological Society
  • Diabetes UK, Medical and Scientific Section
  • European Association for the Study of Diabetes
  • Founding member of EASD Islet Study Group
  • International Society of Diabetes & Vascular Disease
  • Royal College of Pathologists
  • Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh


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