Audiology Staff


 Staff Member  Title Extn. Number
 Mrs Amanda Casey  Director of Audiology Programmes  4180
 Mrs Jane Clarke  Clinical Teaching Fellow  4093
 Mrs Nisha Dhanda  Graduate Teaching Assistant  5001
 Dr Amanda Hall  Lecturer  
 Miss Saira Hussain  Audiology Support Officer/Teaching Fellow  3164
 Christine Mitchell  Audiology Support Officer  4851
 Mrs Rosemary Monk  Programme Director BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology)  4196
 Dr Helen Pryce  Senior Lecturer  4131
 Scott Richards  Clinical Teaching Fellow  5383
 Ms Sarah Riches  Clinical Tutor/Director of Audiology Executive and Professional Development  4201
 Mr Tiago Moutela  Research Associate  5008
 Dr Valia Rodriguez   Lecturer  4422
 Claire Wilkes  Skills Laboratory Manager  5012
 Mrs Emma Wilson  Director of Learning Practice  4192
 Mr Wahid Zaman  UG Admissions Tutor (Audiology)  4093