Postgraduate Research Opportunities in Life & Health Sciences

We offer an extensive range of exciting research opportunities through PhD Programmes, Professional Doctorate Programmes (DOptom /PharmD) and the Doctor of Medicine Programme (MD).

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Professional Doctorate programmes are available in: 

A Doctor of Medicine (MD) programme is also available


Brazilian applicants interested in our PhD opportunities, please see: Science without Borders 

PhD Programmes:

Scholarships for Overseas students

Ten overseas PhD Scholarships are available on a competitive basis. Although now closed for July 2015 Registrations, applications are being considered for October 2015 Registrations.

Overseas PhD Scholarships of £7,000 a year are offset against the international tuition fees of £14,480 a year. 

Download the advert with further details on how to apply with the deadline dates.    


Vietnam-Vaccine Scholarships

Arising from the Aston-led 2014 BC workshop, “Enhancing vaccine design strategies: Applications for protein science, proteomics and adjuvants”, we are pleased to announce 2 PhD Scholarships to Vietnamese Applicants Only in Vaccine Biotechnology, available to start from October 2015.

On the recommendation of our partner institutions, successful overseas scholars appointed to the School of Life and Health Sciences will be eligible for scholarships of £7,000 per year against fees.

Applicants should follow the standard admissions process detailed here stating their preference for a project on

V1) Vaccine biotechnology under the supervision of both Prof Y Perrie and Prof R Bill 
V2) IL-33 as a target in rheumatoid arthritis 

Home/EU Studentships   

One Fully-Funded Full-Time EPSRC CASE PhD Studentship for the research project titled:
"Engineering novel nanoparticles for vaccines using microfluidics" 
Supervisors:  Professor Yvonne Perrie (LHS, Aston University) & Professor Nicolas Szita
(BE, University College London (UCL)
Closing Date: Friday, 19th June 2015

One Fully-Funded Full-Time BBSRC CASE PhD Studentship for the research project titled:
"Understanding the mechanistic uptake and exploring the translation of novel amino  acid based
ion pair complexes"
Supervisor: Dr Afzal Mohammed 
Closing Date: Friday, 19th June 2015


PhD research projects for Self-Funded applicants

If you are a self-funded Overseas or Home (UK/EU) applicant, you can take part in one of our current research projects or contact our researchers directly with their own relevant research proposals.       

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