Postdoctoral research poster day - encouraging <span name="sc_1120177_1" id="sc_1120177_1" onclick="Suggest(this, 'collborations', 'collaborations');">collaborations</span> across universities

Life and Health Sciences laboratory
Encouraging research collaborations through this informal poster event

Date: Friday 2 October 2009, 11am - 2.30pm

Location: Aston's central Birmingham Campus

For who?: Postdoctoral researchers from universities across the UK

About the event

Aston University's Postdoctoral research poster day aims to bring together life and health sciences researchers from universities across the UK to informally discuss potential research collaborations.

Prizes available

After the event, potential collaborators will be invited to submit a short grant proposal, which must include at least one Aston Life & Health Sciences researcher. The proposals will be reviewed by an invited panel of academics and a series of prizes will be awarded:
  • £1000 Seed Com grant - for the best collaborative proposal arising from the event
  • Prizes of £100 (1st), £50 (2nd) and £25 (3rd) for the best posters displayed on the day.
This competition is open to all researchers from all universities.

The event will also provide a great opportunity to take a look at some of Aston's current research projects.


The event will be supported by Fisher scientific, Thermo Liquid Handling, Appleton woods, Promega, SFAM, Beckman Coulter, Merck, Elkay, Alta Biosciences, Geneflow, Invitrogen, Sarstedt, LEL waste, New England Biolabs, Sustainable Aston working group, Index project and the Business Partnership Unit. All partners will be available on the day to discuss your research and laboratory needs as well as offering special promotions and competitions.

Further information / book your place

A full buffet will be provided on the day.

For further information or to confirm your attendance please contact Dr Eric Hill by email: hillej@aston.ac.uk.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research