Neuroscience Colloquium - seminar programme 2011/12










 14th December 2011

4 PM

MB 517

Prof. Tim Ledgeway
University of Nottingham

How global is global motion processing in the human visual system?


 25th January 2012

4 PM


MB 517

 Dr Silvia Paracchini
University of St Andrews

Dyslexia and handedness: the genetics and the epidemiology


 22nd February 2012

 4 PM


MB 517

Dr Arpita Bose
University of Reading

Interaction of linguistic and speech motor processes during speech production in aphasia

14th March 2012


4 PM

 MB 517

Dr Ben Tatler

University of Dundee

Vision in action: how we move our eyes in natural behaviour

 18th April 2012


 4 PM

MB 549

Prof Gregor Thut

University of Glasgow

Probing the role of brain rhythms in visual attention and perception using TMS and EEG






Host: Dr Martin Jüttner (m.juttner@aston.ac.uk)

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research