Neurophysiology and Clinical Neuroimaging

The main focus of the Neurophysiology & clinical neuroimaging research group is the development and application of non-invasive functional imaging techniques to the study of cortical structure and function. These techniques allow us to study, at the regional level, which areas of the brain are implicated in specific cortical functions, and what happens to this functional network in disease. Our work is therefore a mixture of of fundamental neuroscience: addressing the key question of how the brain performs  the complex operations that define a person and their interaction with the environment; and clinical research, which we hope will have a direct impact in diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases. Our strong focus for the future is on the developing brain and the application of our methods to the study of the child brain and behaviour.

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Our key researches and their research interests are summarised below:

Dr Dev Banerjee
Dr Dev Banerjee
Professor Paul L Furlong
  • Clinical Neuroimaging
Dr Stephen D Hall
  • Pharmaco-MEG
  • Cortical Oscillations
  • Human visual system

Dr Ian Holliday
  • Human psychophysics
  • Brain imaging

Dr H Rheinallt Parri
Prof Stefano Seri
  • Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Developmental
  • Neuropsychiatry
Dr Ian M Stanford
Dr Caroline Witton
Dr Gavin Woodhall