This webpage is about some experiments we are doing at Aston University to help us understand how the brain works and how it changes as you get older. We are looking at how good children are at different things like balancing and catching, and playing games with hiccupping snakes.

We are also doing two kinds of brain scans will help us understand how the brain works:

  • The MEG machine is like a big armchair with a giant old-fashioned hairdryer on top. This machine measures what your brain is doing whilst you listen to some noise for a couple of minutes.

  • The MRI machine is like a bed inside a giant Polo mint. This machine takes pictures of your brain whilst you lie on the bed for about 15 minutes. You can cartoons during the scan, or just take a nap! Afterwards, we can give you a picture of your brain to keep!
All the researchers are very nice and you will not be made to do anything you don’t want to do. If think that the tests you’ve read about sound fun and would like to take part, you will be shown a child consent form, which makes sure that you understand the things that we are asking you to do.

We hope that you are interested in taking part in our project – we are really looking forward to meeting you soon!

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