MEdication Management in Older people: REalist Approaches BAsed on Literature and Evaluation (MEMORABLE)  

Full details of this National Institute for Health Research funded research project will be announced in due course.

Ian Maidment

Dr Ian Maidment (Project Lead)

Dr Ian Maidment is an experienced researcher, manager and clinician. Prior to joining Aston in 2012 he worked as a practising pharmacist and he has experience of community, industry, acute hospital, learning disabilities, and particularly old age and adult psychiatry. Throughout his career he has had an interest in medication safety particularly in older people with dementia. He obtained his PhD by previous publication from Aston University in 2013. His research builds on his experience and uses a mixed methods approach to understand medication management issues in the real world and develop effective interventions.

Sylvia D Bailey

Sylvia D Bailey (PPI Lead)

Sylvia D Bailey has a background in Primary Care Management:

  • Patient Groups Chair, 
  • Member of Healthwatch, 
  • Member Birmingham 1000 Elders – Birmingham University,
  • University of Sheffield –PPI  HoW – CGA  - Frail Elderly in Secondary Care- 
  • Trustee – Sandwell Voluntary Service Organisation,
  • NIHR  -Lay Research Reviewer and member of CRN   
  • TCC – NIHR – Knowledge Mobilisation Fellowship applications panel.
  • Cancer Research –UK -  Research Applications Panels
  • 10 years experience with Patient Focus Groups 
  • Wide network of PPI groups/NHS bulletins.

Judy Mullan

A/Prof Judy Mullan

A/Prof Judy Mullan (PhD, FSHPA, BA, BPharm) is the Director of the Centre for Health Research Illawarra Shoalhaven Population (CHRISP) and the Deputy Director of the Illawarra & Southern Practice Research Network (ISPRN) at the University of Wollongong (UOW) in Australia. She is an experienced academic, researcher and clinician with over 35 years’ experience as a registered pharmacist. Prior to her current UOW appointments, Judy was the Academic Leader: Research and Critical Appraisal for the UOW Graduate School of Medicine.

Her research areas of interest include: 

  • Health literacy
  • Medical education
  • The quality use of medicines
  • Medication management for older people 
  • Health professional / patient education and communication.  

She has collaborated on research projects with multiple national and international universities and has been successful in procuring over $2.75 million of research funding. To date, she has published three book chapters, contributed to the publication of over 50 peer reviewed journal articles and delivered over 75 national/international conference presentations.

Geoff Wong

Dr Geoff Wong

Geoff Wong is Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. He is an experienced realist researcher and will be providing realist methodological support to the project. 

He is a part time NHS GP and so will also bring to the project his clinical expertise of managing complex medication regimens of older people from a General Practice perspective.

Additional collaborators:

  • Dr Andrew Booth
  • Dr Jane McKeown
Information will be announced in due course.

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