The Aston Eye Study: information for parents


What would taking part in the study involve?


For your child

Your child (along with other children) will have their eyes examined at school. We will measure the shape and length of your child’s eyes very accurately - these tests are very quick and painless and do not touch the eye. 

To measure the eyes accurately we will need to put some drops into each eye which will make the pupils larger (the black part in the middle of the eye). The drops may cause the following mild side effects:

  • The drops may smart slightly for a few seconds when they are first put into the eyes
  • Your child may find lights brighter than usual for approximately twelve hours after the drops are put in (rarely up to 24 hours). As a result, we will provide a pair of disposable sunglasses to all children who participate in the study and we advise that your child does not take part in physical activities or sports during this time
  • Vision may be blurred slightly whilst reading for up to 12 hours after we put the drops in. Your child may find close work a little blurred (distance vision should remain unaffected)
  • Very rarely, the drops can cause a reaction (in less than 1 in 10,000 people).  When it occurs a rash appears on the face and the child feels hot and light-headed.  These reactions go away naturally the same day without treatment.  We will also measure your child’s height and weight. 
The eye examination itself will take half an hour or so. He/she will be given a special certificate and pencil at the end of the examination along with the disposable sunglasses. Our research team will have visited the school in advance to explain study arrangements to them and to answer any questions.

For you

After your child has been measured, you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire on your child’s health and development and on the eye health and circumstances of your family.  This questionnaire will help us to interpret the results from your child’s examination.

What will happen after the study?

We will look at the results carefully. If we feel your child requires further examination, we will send you a report on your child’s eyes once we have received your questionnaire.

Many children have now taken part and have found it both enjoyable and interesting.  All information from the study will be treated in complete confidence.

Further information:

For any further information on this study, get in touch with Dr Nicola Logan or Professor Bernard Gilmartin:

Tel: 0121 204 4128 or email: n.s.logan@aston.ac.uk or b.gilmartin@aston.ac.uk.

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