Molecular Biomedical Research  


We are a group of biology and pharmacy researchers who have common interests in membrane biology & cell signalling (protein-, lipid-, receptor- and transport-mediated processes in health and disease) and technology development. We focus on understanding the molecular basis of signalling and its physiological relevance by studying receptors (e.g. family B GPCRs), channels (e.g. aquaporins and ABC transporters), diseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy) and cellular processes (e.g. vesicle trafficking). We do this by using computational (molecular modelling), molecular (structure-function, protein-protein interactions, protein-lipid interactions, recombinant protein production), cellular (phenotypes), whole organism (phenotypes) and analytical (mass spectrometry) science. Our work has relevance to drug discovery (drug delivery with a focus on liposome technology; bioprocessing and up-scaling of biopharmaceutical production) as well as basic biology.

DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH: Professor David Poyner


Molecular Biomedical Research
Binding of a peptide hormone analogue to the extracellular domain of the calcitonin receptor.

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