The Aston Brain Centre steering group

Prof Adrian Burgess, Principal Scientist, Dense Array EEG Lab

Current research interests: Small world networks and neural connectivity applied to clinical and cognitive neuroscience

Prof Paul Furlong, Chair of Steering Group, Director Aston Brain Centre

Current research interests: Neurophysiology of epilepsy, pain perception and sensory-motor function. Neuroimaging, translational research and the development of humane research techniques

Prof Ian Holliday 

Current research interests: Neuroimaging of visual perceptual function.

Prof Gina Rippon 

Current research interests: Neuroimaging of developmental disorders such as autism and Williams Syndrome

Prof Stefano, Seri Clinical Director, Director MRI Research Unit

Current research interests: Investigating behavioural phenotypes with functional imaging and neurophysiological measures. Pervasive developmental disorders and Epilepsy as main clinical research areas.

Prof Ian Stanford, Associate Dean Research & Enterprise, School of Life and Health Sciences

Current research interests: In vitro and in vivo electrophysiological studies on neurones and networks within the basal ganglia and motor cortex.  Pharmacological and surgical interventions in Parkinson’s disease.

Prof Joel Talcott, Head of Psychology, Director DDAC

Current research interests: Genotype/Phenotype associations in developmental dyslexia, genomic neuroimaging of developmental disorders, developing methods for linking blood chemistry to neuronal viability and function, balance and motor function in normal and atypical development.

Dr Caroline Witton, Director, Wellcome Trust Laboratory for MEG Studies

Current research interests: The study of auditory perception in humans using psychophysical and functional imaging techniques. Developmental cognitive neuroscience of normal and impaired cognitive and literacy skills in children.

Prof Gavin Woodhall, Principal Scientist, Human Brain Tissue Lab

Current research interests: In-vitro electrophysiology of convulsive activity: presynaptic mechanisms of drug action. Animal models of temporal lobe epilepsy and schizophrenia. Animal and human tissue slice electrophysiology, whole-cell and LFP recordings from entorhinal and motor cortex.

Dr Sian Worthen Manager, Wellcome Trust Laboratory for MEG Studies   

Current research interests: Physiology and pathophysiology of the human pain matrix. Cognitive Neuroscience utilising MEG techniques