Research in the Aston Brain Centre

In the video below, Professor Paul Furlong shares his vision for the Aston Brain Centre, which will build on existing research and have a particular focus on brain development in children.

Research in the Aston Brain Centre is focussed on five key themes:

  • Understanding developmental disorders across the life span
  • Signal processing and computational modelling
  • Perceptual systems
  • Cellular neurophysiology
  • Clinical neurophysiology
Aston University already has an internationally recognised track record of funded research in these areas.

Central to all five themes is the ability to measure and interpret changes in brain activity with millisecond-level time resolution. We do this using tissue samples in-vitro and whole-head in-vivo measurements with MEG.

If you are interested in being part of research in the Aston Brain Centre, you can download this word file which will answer any questions you may have regarding the activities of the Centre in the research field.