MEG UK Workshop 2015

Wednesday 7th January

Location: 4th floor, Main Building,

Aston University, Aston Street, Birmingham, B4 7ET

This is building 1 on the campus map which can be downloaded at http://www.aston.ac.uk/about/directions/

  Access is through the double doors at the front of the building, next to the fountains, and marked on the map with a letter E.Take the red lift to the fourth floor. registration and all coffee breaks will be in the foyer outside the lift; the workshop will be taking place in an adjacent computer suite. There will be signs within the main building to help guide you.


9am: Registration

9.30am: SPM Lecture and hands-on session: GLM

10.30am: Fieldtrip Lecture and hands-on session: Cluster

11.15am: Coffee

11.30am: Fieldtrip Lecture and hands-on session: Beamformer

12.30pm: SPM Lecture and hands-on session: MSP

13.30pm: Lunch

14.30pm: Fieldtrip Lecture and hands-on session:Connectivity, confound, cmc

15.30pm: SPM Lecture and hands-on session: DCM

16.30pm: Coffee

17.00pm: SPM and Fieldtrip playground


Please note that registration for the workshop is through your local UK MEG Laboratory.

The workshop is most appropriate for those who already have some MEG experience but are looking to extend their existing expertise, such as those who are mid-way through a PhD using MEG.  Places are unfortunately limited due to the nature of the course.

Local Organiser: Prof Klaus Kessler


We are very proud to announce that the satellite workshop at MEG UK 2014 will consist of the first (ever) joint training course between Fieldtrip and SPM. Many thanks to Vladimir, Bernadette, and Robert for agreeing to this. There will be four sessions (two in the morning, two in the afternoon), each a combination between Fieldtrip and SPM. We recommend arriving the night before as the workshop will start at 9:30am.

We will kick off with a session on statistics and how these differ between SPM, which is GLM-based and Fieldtrip, which relies primarily on cluster permutation testing. (Concise) lectures will alternate with hands-on exercises for both softwares. The 2nd session is on source reconstruction methods with emphasis on beamformers, spatial filtering and virtual channels from a Fieldtrip point of view, while the SPM part will focus on multiple sparse prior models (MSP). Again lectures will alternate with hands-on practical exercises. In the 3rd session connectivity measures will be topic, focussing on source level connectivity within both software packages and with special emphasis on dynamic causal modelling (DCM) in the SPM part. During the final “playground” session you can explore your own data (or one of the provided datasets) with the methods you have learned.

For those of you who attended the Fieldtrip course in September at Aston: there will be some overlap with the current workshop but not a full repetition. We believe that it will help you consolidate and extend what you have learned in September rather than frustrate you by being completely redundant.

Before MEG UK we will post further information about the exact schedule and about preparation material (videos for certain steps of analysis) suggested by Robert and Vladimir.