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So you want to see your brain…

Aston is currently running a number of cognitive studies using the MRI scanner. All volunteers can receive a picture (tiff or jpeg image file) of their brain via email. MRI scanners use a high-power magnet to generate images of internal structures and, due to the intense magnetic field all volunteers must be screened for any type of metal that may be in their body. For example, plates, screws, and implanted devices such as pacemakers. Metal fillings in teeth are not an issue though.

Time commitment

  • Pre-Scan forms and task explanation: 15 minutes
  • Experiment: maximum1 hour (around 40 mins in the MRI scanner)
  • Participants should be between the ages of 18 - 60
  • Please note: There is no clinical or diagnostic benefits for volunteers in our studies.

To participate

Please fill out the MRI screening form and send it to o.a.longe@aston.ac.uk. After receiving your form, we will contact you to discuss if you are eligible, and when you could participate.

For Aston University Psychology students you can log on to the SONA system and check if there are currently any MRI studies running and book a slot on one of these.

To prepare for scanning

To find where to go for your scan, please follow this map to the Aston University Day Hospital reception.

You will have to remove any metal accessories (watches, jewellery, hair clips and bras with metal under-wiring) before you enter the scan room, and you will be provided with a locker in which to place these. You will also have to remove all piercings.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research