Clinical Neuroimaging

MRI Clinical Neuroimaging
Prof. Stefano Seri, Prof. Paul Furlong, Dr. N. Jade Thai

The main aim of this research strand is to develop non-invasive methods of localizing epileptiform brain activity, which can be used to guide intracranial electrode placement in the presurgical evaluation of patients with refractory epilepsy. THese techniques are also applied to map areas and networks which are crucial in sensory and cognitive functions. Sparing these areas during neurosurgical procedures is essential to minimise post-operative morbidity. Our clinical partners are King's College Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The impact of this research program will be that in the not too distant future pre-surgical assessment will incorporate neuroimaging protocols validated by our research. Running in conjunction with the clinical neuroimaging are fMRI studies of auditory, motor, language and memory mapping. This clinical application has been developed on the basis of extensive studies on healthy volunteers, which have enabled us to identify structural and functional networks and given us important insight into brain function in general.