Streamlining MEG data processing


The project will try to automate some of the procedures involved in MEG research. The current procedures will be analysed, optimised and then captured in Taverna workflows, providing a standard means of processing the data, improving its provenance and reducing the time needed to train new researchers and collaborators. Sound interesting? Let us know how your MEG unit works by completing our form.

Recent blog posts

  • Megstream system evaluation results
    29 September 2010 It seems like a long time ago, but back in July we ran an evaluation workshop for the Megstream system using a questionnaire to help understand end-user satisfaction with the software. Workshop participants - all existing MEG users - completed two questionnaires: one for the existing system and a one after using the Megstream software. They were asked to rate their experience of using each system by selecting descriptive words from a randomly-ordered list. The results for each system are...
  • Megstream final project progress post
    06 September 2010 Megstream: Streamlining the processing of MEG dataThe Megstream prototype aims to simplify brain research and make it more accessible. MEG scanners measure magnetic activity in the brain over time. Specialist software from the vendor produces images of this activity within the brain for analysis and diagnosis. The Megstream software makes it easier to produce these images by: • overlaying the previously complex and 'fuzzy' process with ordered...
  • Megstream software evaluation first thoughts
    22 July 2010 I'm just back from a very positive Megstream software evaluation workshop. The work that we've done was well received. The new system created a lot of energy for the process and there were good suggestions for extensions to the project. There'll be a full write up and posting of the findings in the coming weeks.

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We're want to understand how other MEG units work to make sure that the project outputs are as widely applicable as possible. Please take a minute to let us know what aspects of the MEG process you'd like to see automated.

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