Volunteer in Research Studies

Volunteers taking part in research with ARCHA
Volunteers taking part in research with ARCHA

Would you like to be part of exciting studies which will help shape the future of healthcare for older people?

Would you like to extend your own knowledge?

If yes, and if you are over 50, then why not join our panel of people over 50 who are interested in taking part in a variety of studies across different disciplines of health-related research. We’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers from all backgrounds and levels of fitness.

The studies have been subject to ethical scrutiny and conducted by trained professionals. It’s easy, non-demanding and fun!

How to volunteer

Participation in any study is entirely voluntary on each occasion, so by registering for our panel you are under no obligation to take part in a study. Our coordinator can then contact you when new studies arise.

If you’d like any further information about registering for the panel or research studies, please contact Thomas James (t.james1@aston.ac.uk).

Volunteer in our current studies 
We are looking for volunteers to participate in the following studies:

Life review for people with memory problems:

We are currently conducting a study that aims to assess the effectiveness of an intervention, named ‘life review’, to improve the use of autobiographical memory in older adults as a strategy for maintaining social and mental wellbeing. We are looking for volunteers over the age of 70 who have significant memory problems or a diagnosis of amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment (aMCI) to take part in this study. It would involve attending three assessment sessions and either four life review interventions, or a control group homework activity. If you think you fit the criteria and are interested in taking part please contact Fiona Leahy by email: leahyf@aston.ac.uk, or telephone 0121 204 4134, leave your name and telephone number and we will return your call. 

April 2017


Attentional Switching Flexibility and Driving Behaviour in Older Adults

We are recruiting people over the age of 40 years to take part in a study that is looking at the ability to switch between different types of attention in different age groups, and how this ability relates to feelings about driving and driving behaviour. When driving, one must switch between attending fast changing visual events on the road ahead and attending multiple objects in the surrounds, such as road signs and pedestrians. Many older adults stop driving when they no longer feel confident in their driving skills, which can have a detrimental impact on their life. We are interested in the flexibility of attention because we think that it might be an important factor influencing older adults’ confidence in their driving ability.  

All participants receive £7.50 travelling expenses. Anyone over the age of 40 years, who owns or has previously owned a driving licence, and who does not have a diagnosis of photosensitive epilepsy may take part. If you are interested in taking part, please contact Eleanor Callaghan by email: callaghe@aston.ac.uk.

Recent studies

  • Computerised or paper tests of memory, concentration and problem solving
  • Examination of eyesight changes
  • Mobility and safety issues, such as driving simulation
  • Questionnaires on topics such as diet or exercise
  • Sleep studies
  • Specific illness investigations, for example diabetes

Comments from our Volunteers

"I did enjoy yesterday's exercises and look forward to the report of the findings."

"I'd just like to say that it was an experience for me and I enjoyed it. I hope the information and activities will be useful for your project. Thanks once again. Please contact me if you need any volunteers in future."