The ARCHA Advanced Imaging Facility

Welcome to the ARCHA Advanced Imaging Facility Web Page!

Whether you're interested in Microscopy in general, would like more specific information about the facility and the equipment or are looking for  tips and links these pages will be useful for you.

In these pages you will find information about the equipment and it's capabilities, updates on the work that we are doing and details of the services we provide.

Microscopy is a fundamental technique for cell-based investigations as it allows detailed sample visualization. The ARCHA imaging facility provides research groups with access to state-of-the-art microscopy equipment.

The facility contains both a widefield fluorescence microscope and a laser scanning confocal instrument with a resonant scanner and multiphoton laser, enabling users to carry out a range of experiments from sample screening to deep tissue imaging. More detailed descriptions of these can be found within these pages.

For any information regarding the suite take a look at the related pages or contact Charlotte Bland, ARCHA Imaging Core Technician at c.bland1@aston.ac.uk, ext: 3009

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