Philippa Locke

Philippa Locke
Philippa Locke

Career History

2011 - Present - PhD Student, Aston University

Current Research

Exploring Older People’s Experiences of Choice in Social Care:
This project examines choice and decision making by older people in social care and
encompasses aspects of public policy, sociology and psychology.  The increase in choice in
social care, which has arisen through changes to public policy, has led to the concept of the
consumer being extended to the user of public services who controls decisions concerning
their own care.

Older people who do not ‘choose’ to consume public services may view their role differently. 
Research has shown that older people prefer fewer options when faced with choices than do
younger people.  Analytical models of decision making have been
developed in healthcare, identifying distinct stages of information
exchange, deliberation and selection of appropriate action, but there
is little discussion of the process in the context of social care.   

Email: lockep@aston.ac.uk