Research Showcase

In September 2011 we held our first ARCHA Showcase for the public, research, business and community leaders who are focused on ageing studies and services.

For some people, the thought of growing old is worrying. Here at Aston, we say that's the wrong way to think about ageing; the way to a long and fulfilling life is to maximise your healthy lifespan.

Recently, we held a showcase event to tell older people, community leaders, other academics, and business people how. For here at Aston University there's a great deal of research going on that can make a big difference.

Two things that struck us on the day were, first of all, how many people want to get involved in what we do at ARCHA. Many of the academics here at Aston need volunteers to participate in their studies, and folk were queuing up to answer questionnaires, participate in driving simulators and have their body composition measured.

The second thing that seemed to inspire the audience was the multidisciplinary nature of what we do. We have experts in biology, chemistry, pharmacy, optometry, engineering, psychology, sociology and economics all working together to tackle questions that impact the everyday lives of older adults.

If you, or someone you know, would like to get involved, please contact us (lhs_archa@aston.ac.uk).