Publications and Conferences

June 2014

Dr Carol Holland gave a presentation on memory in later life at the Association for Education and Ageing meeting (Lancaster,UK). Note: this presentation contains summary results from several projects - not just the ExtraCare study. Click here to download the presentation now. 

April 2014

Dr Carol Holland presented a poster at the Cognitive Aging Meeting in Atlanta (USA) in April 2014. Click here to download the poster now.

February 2014

Dr Carol Holland presented some project findings at the National Housing Learning and Innovation Network (LIN), the talk "ExtraCare - Is well-being worth it? Perspectives from the Aston and ExraCare study" took place at the LIN annual conference (London).

July 2013

Dr Carol Holland presented at Well-being 2013, the second international conference exploring the multi-dimensions of well-being hosted by Birmingham City University during July 2013. Both Dr Jill Collins and Dr Barbara Hagger (pictured below) also gave poster presentations at this event.

 Dr Barbara Hagger at Well-being 2013Dr Barbara Hagger at Well-being 2013    Dr Jill Collins at Well-being 2013Dr Jill Collins at Well-being 2013


October 2012

Reports about the Aston University / ExtraCare project appeared in The Birmingham Mail and The African Business Review  this month. (Please note : both of these press reports will open in a new window)

September 2012

Click ExtraCare Press Release (September 2012) to download an ExtraCare PR bulletin about this research.

July 2012

A poster introducing the project has been presented at the British Society of Gerontology's 41st Conference. The conference took place 11th-13th July 2012 at Keele University.The Centre for Social Gerontology hosts this conference each year discussing research, teaching and policy development in the field of ageing. Click here to download the poster now.

Jill Collins and Angela Bradford at Gerontology Conference
Jill Collins and Angela Bradford at Gerontology Conference
keele conference