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ARCHA Coordinator

If you have any comments or queries about
anything ARCHA does or how to get involved, please
contact ARCHA Coordinator, Wendy Overton, for an
informal chat on 0121 204 4134 or email her at:

You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook!     

ARCHA Director

Dr Carol Holland, Email c.holland1@aston.ac.uk

Maps and directions

Cluster Leads:

Ageing Eye: Dr Leon Davies,
Email: L.N.Davies@aston.ac.uk

Ageing Mind: Dr Cristina Romani, Email: c.romani@aston.ac.uk

Ageing Metabolism: Dr Sri Bellary, Email: s.bellary@aston.ac.uk 

Medicines & Devices in Ageing: Ian Maidment, Email: i.maidment@aston.ac.uk

Ageing Lives: Dr Elizabeth Peel, Email: e.a.peel@aston.ac.uk

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