Dementia Talking: Care, conversation and communication

Care for people with dementia and their families is a growing social challenge. As the number of older people increases so too does the number of people living with this distressing disease. The ‘Dementia Talking’ project focuses on communication as this aspect of dementia care is a significant problem for people with dementia and their carers. The aim is to understand how talk about and to people with dementia is constructed, with the goal of improving communication with people with dementia. Dementia is a challenging group of conditions often linked to decline, decay and deficiency. In contrast, this research has a positive focus on care, conversation and communication. This is a qualitative project using conversation and discourse analysis to investigate audio/video recordings of everyday dementia talk, interviews with carers and media representations of dementia. An extensive network of dementia organisations will be used to disseminate the findings, and a carer’s guide to communication will ensure the programme has an impact on the lives of carers and people with dementia.

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