Cluster Members & Research Interests in Healthy Ageing

Ageing Lives Cluster

We currently have 28 members of Ageing Lives from across the University: School of Life & Health Sciences (Psychology, Optometry and Pharmacy); Aston Business School (Work & Organisational Psychology); School of Languages and Social Sciences (Public Policy, Sociology); and School of Engineering & Applied Science (Computer Science). Within the cluster there are four post-doctoral researchers and seven PhD students.

Dr Hannah Bartlett
Interested in nutrition in ocular disease.  Age-related macular disease and dry eye syndrome.

Dr Alexis Boukouvalas
Interested in statistics, quality of life in ageing, longitudinal data sets.

Dr Christopher Buckingham
Interested in risk and safety issues for old-age adults.

Dr Danielle Clarkesmith (Post-doc)
Interested in the design of health interventions to promote healthy behaviours.

Dr Jill Collins  (Post-doc)
Interested in health economics and statistical exploration of well-being and health indicators.

Dr Richard Cooke 

Interested in preventative screening, older people's alcohol consumption, diet and age-related macular degeneration.

Dr Frank Eperjesi 

Interested in age-related macular degeneration, long term eye health. 

Professor Jonathan Gibson 

Interested in quality of life in patients with visual impairment. 

Dr Barbara Hagger (Post-doc)
Interested in the elderly in residential and day care settings. 

Lilit Hakobyan  (PhD Student)
Interested in mobile assistive technology for persons with age-related macular degeneration. 

Dr Carol Holland  (Director of ARCHA)

Interested in factors affecting cognitive changes in normal older age, and the impact of such changes on quality of life and engagement.

Philippa Locke  (PhD Student)
Interested in older people and social care services. 

Dr Pam Lowe 

Interested in class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and ageing, 'lay' understandings of health and illness, ageing and embodiment. 

Dr Jo Lumsden 

Interested in human-computer interaction, mobile assistive technologies, quality of life, active healthcare interventions, participatory design approaches. 

Sara McCracken (PhD Student)
Interested in technology in health care and health informatics. 

Professor Ian Nabney
Interested in Bayesian pattern analysis and data visualisation with application to understanding diagnostic indicators and the drivers of change in quality of life.

Dr Elizabeth Peel (ARCHA Ageing Lives Lead)

Interested in dementia care, conversation and communication; gender, sexuality and ageing; qualitative methods.

Judith Preston (PhD Student)
Interested in older workers and their active participation in the workplace.

Peter Reddy

Interested in facilitating sport and exercise in older people and the impact on wellness and social functioning. 

Dr Judy Scully  

Interested in health service management, patient and public involvement and innovation in the private, public and third sector.

Dr Rachel Shaw 

Interested in the health and wellbeing of older adults.

Dr Dan Shepperd 

Interested in patients' experience of polymyalgia rheumatica.

Rebekah Stevens (PhD Student)
Interested in diet, supplements and age-related macular degeneration. 

Joanne Tutt (PhD Student)
Interested in type 2 diabetes and optometry education.

Dr Karen West
Interested in policies and public services directed towards the ageing population, older peoples participation in service design and commissioning decisions.