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Researchers work within an integrated investigative framework to advance significantly our understanding of the use, preservation and restoration of ocular function in the ageing eye. A bidirectional transfer of research between structure, function and clinical application provides the flexibility to address a range of contemporary research issues: the development and management of presbyopia; the diagnosis, management and treatment of ocular pathology and the management of ocular dysfunction in the ageing eye.

Further information

For more information about our Ageing Eye cluster, contact cluster lead Dr Leon Davies.
Email: L.N.Davies@aston.ac.uk

Current Projects

  • Biochemical analysis of spoilation processes including contact lenses, intra ocular lenses and the development of biomimetic polymers for prosthetic applications

  • Clinical characteristics and specific needs of domiciliary eye care patients in the UK

  • Computational modelling of the ageing eye

  • Investigation and subsequent management of visual perceptual deficits secondary to stroke

  • Impact of prescribing optical appliances during the incipient phase of presbyopia

  • Investigating falls risk factors associated with spectacle lenses for the correction of presbyopia

  • Macular disease and its effects on reading with peripheral vision

  • The role of nutrition in ocular disease 

  • Psychological impact of age related vision loss and developing ways to help older people live with vision impairment

List of cluster members and their research interests

Click HERE to view our ageing eye cluster members and their research interests in healthy ageing. 

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Dr Leon Davies


Dr Leon Davies is a Reader and the Ophthalmic Research Group (ORG) Director of Research. His research interests include physiological optics of accommodation and presbyopia, intraocular lens (IOL) technology, ocular biometry, ophthalmic instrumentation, myopia and visual function following stroke.