LHS announces PhD Scholarships for Indian students 

India flag
26 February 2013

Showing support for PM David Cameron's initiative, LHS announces 6 PhD Scholarships for Indian students of £7,000 per year. These scholarships are available now.




Collaborative project with Anna University, Chennai

Dr Eustace Johnson secured funding of £68,000 under DST (Department of Science and Technology) Thematic Partnership for a collaborative project with Anna University, Chennai.


The project is to determine the effects of oxidative and nutritional stress on the ability of mesenchymal stem cells to stimulate tissue regeneration and wound healing via secreted products.




  • To determine the effects of O2, reactive oxygen species and nutrient supply on the composition of cell products secreted by MSC (the MSC secretome)
  • To test the regenerative activity of the MSC secretome generated under different micro-environmental conditions on tissue repair and wound healing
  • To optimise the culture conditions of MSC for their future use as “stem cell factories” generating secreted products as drugs in regenerative medicine.




Intended outcomes:


  • Increased scientific knowledge in the field of stem cell research.
  • Knowledge transfer between Aston University and Anna University.
  • Increased knowledge and skills for postgraduate exchange students.
  • Joint publications in international peer reviewed journal of high standing.
  • Development of new research and educational initiatives by the Indian and UK institutes.






This joint programme will involve the exchange of UK and Indian students to participate in research projects on both campuses as an integral part of their training. 

It is anticipated that the work undertaken in this study will pump prime new projects that will feed into a Masters programme. This structured Joint Masters Programme will be developed in the area of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine.