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CENEWLINKASEBA (Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment) forms are used and researched worldwide - with reported use in over 6,500 studies and 80 societies and cultural groups. They offer a comprehensive approach to assessing adaptive and maladaptive functioning, clearly documenting clients' behaviour in terms of both quantitative scores and their subjective descriptions. Numerous studies demonstrate significant associations between ASEBA scores and both diagnostic and special education classifications.

ASEBA includes an integrated set of rating forms for ages 1½-90+ years. The individualised descriptive data - plus competence, adaptive and problem scores - facilitate comprehensive and in-depth assessment. You can relate ASEBA directly to DSM diagnostic categories by using the normed DSM-oriented scales that are available for scoring ASEBA forms.

New: Brief Problems Monitor for use with children 6-18 years now available

Aston University is the UK's only licensed distributor of ASEBA products. Find out more about products for the following age ranges:

1-5 years                    l                       6-18 years                l                      18-59 years               l                   60 + years

For more information on the ASEBA product range, email lhs_aseba@aston.ac.uk

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