Dyslexia and Development Assessment Unit (DDAU).

Based in the Aston Brain Centre, the School of Life and Health Science's Dyslexia and Development Assesment Unit provides a range of screenings and assessments for both children and adults. Assessments for specific learning difficulties and associated conditions are carried out by our specialist team of qualified Psychologists.  Both the length of assessment and the measures used will be tailored for you and according to your needs. 

Our most frequent assessments are shown below.

Full assessment for specific literacy difficulties (Dyslexia)

This assessment of literacy difficulties (dyslexia) involves the administration of tests of cognitive ability (WAIS-III or WISC-IV, BAS as appropriate), together with age appropriate measures of spelling, writing, reading and reading comprehension. Further diagnostic tests can also be administered. Testing usually takes 3-4 hours and is conducted by a chartered educational psychologist. A full written report is provided within 3-4 weeks following the assessment.

The cost for this assessment and associated report is £425.


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To book an appointment or to discuss your needs, please contact Liz Byrne or Sarah Paris on 0121 204 3882.  This number also receives voicemail to enable us to respond to you within 24 hours.

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