Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis Workshop

Key information

Duration: One day workshop 9.30-16.30

Date: To be confirmed

Fee:  £200

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Contact the external relations team at lhs_externalrelations@aston.ac.uk or telephone 0121 204 5310.

IPA One-day Workshop - Friday 4th December 2015

This workshop is for those who are new to IPA and those who need more formal guidance on the practicalities of doing IPA. There is an introduction to the theoretical background of IPA at the beginning but the majority of the day is organised to give delegates plenty of time to practise their IPA skills, share their experiences in small group work and to seek advice from the facilitator. Issues of reflexivity and quality will be covered briefly at the close.

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis is a methodological framework and analysis method which takes its theoretical assumptions from phenomenology and hermeneutics. It is an idiographic method in that it is committed to understanding individuals' lived experience. A key text is: Smith, Flowers & Larkin (2009) Interpretative phenomenological analysis: theory, method and research (published by Sage).

References are provided including key text books, research articles using IPA and other methodological articles about IPA.
It’s a great chance to apply your newly learned skills in a hands-on analysis session and it’s an excellent opportunity for CPD.

Lunch & refreshments provided


  • Idiography; Hermeneutic cycle
  • Phenomenology
  • Analysis
  • Exercises
  1. Initial reading
  2. Phenomenological coding
  3. Interpretative coding
  4. Identifying themes
  5. Constructing a narrative account
  • Integrative analysis
  • Being reflexive; thinking about quality