Advanced visual science

Key information

Duration: Duration times vary. Use the contact details below to enquire about this.

Location: This is a distance learning course, delivered by e-learning. Access to course materials will be given by Aston University after the registration procedure has been completed.

Fee: £1000 per delegate 

Entry requirements: None

How to apply: Please complete an online application form for the month that you wish to be considered for:

March 2017

Deadline for application: 31st January 2017

Further information: Tel: 0121 204 3000 or email: optometrycpd@aston.ac.uk

Aims of this module

The module will cover advanced studies in visual science, aiming to give a good understanding of current ideas about visual function and visual mechanisms, with emphasis on their connections to clinical and/or industrial practice within the field of Optometry.  The module will describe basic and clinical studies on spatial vision, temporal vision, binocular vision, neuroimaging techniques and their application to amblyopia, human peripheral vision, the role of M and P cells and how this relates to clinical studies on glaucoma, and the role of attention in vision.

Module content

  • Signal detection theory & psychophysics
  • Spatial vision & feature coding
  • Temporal vision & motion perception
  • Masking and suppression
  • Binocular interactions
  • Crowding and summation
  • Neuroimaging techniques: essential theory & methodology
  • Neuroimaging in human amblyopia
  • Human peripheral vision: role of M & P cells
  • Role of attention in vision.