Biomedical science

Most modules are now available by distance learning (for UK residents only as there is an induction session and an exam

We offer a range of Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) Accredited top-up modules from our Biomedical Sciences Honours degree programme for science graduates who must have a non-accredited Honours degree but wish to pursue a career as a biomedical scientist. These modules will allow you to obtain the academic competences that are required to apply to the Health Professions Council for Registration as a Biomedical Scientist.

Before applying, you should contact the IBMS and ask for your degree to be assessed, in order to confirm that it is eligible for “Top-Up” and to determine the additional subject areas in which you need further qualifications. The most common topics for knowledge enhancement are listed below. Of course, you can also take these modules for professional development other than IBMS registration, if you wish.

All modules are available “by attendance” and most are available by distance learning too. We make extensive use of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Blackboard 9 but there will be differences in learning methods and timetables between attendance and distance learning modules. All course material, including recorded lectures, self-assessment quizzes, timetables, and some directed reading is available online; coursework submission and feedback are also mainly via this route.

There is a single entry point of October 2014 in this academic year for all of our modules. You will need to contact to the IBMS before June 2014 to ensure that you have confirmation of your module requirements in time to register for your modules. You must register by 1st August and pay the fees before enrolment information will be sent in September.

Applications for 2014 entry are now closed. If you submit a registration form you will be registered for 2015 entry.

BMS Top-up Modules BY ATTENDANCE - You will need to attend the university at the start of the academic year to register and participate in an induction session for Top-up students where you will be shown how to access your record and the VLE Blackboard. You will be expected to attend the lectures on campus as well as any practicals (e.g. as in the 20 credit Microbiology module) and group learning sessions or tutorials. Most of the modules take place in condensed 2 week blocks in the autumn term. The exams take place on campus in January for most Top-up modules and you will need to attend these.

BMS Top-up Modules BY DISTANCE LEARNING -  We recommend that you attend in person at the start of the academic year to register and participate in a specific induction session for studying Top-up modules by distance learning. This will show you how to access your university record and the VLE Blackboard and introduce you to distance learning specific features. Thereafter you can access all the learning material and complete all the coursework assessments remotely via the VLE Blackboard. There are no practicals or group activities and the learning material is available for continuous study during the autumn term for most modules. However, you will need to attend in person for the examinations which are held on campus in January for most Top-up modules.

For information about course content please contact Dr Corinne Spickett c.m.spickett@aston.ac.uk

If your degree is not eligible for Top-up but you still wish to become a registered Biomedical Scientist, we recommend that you apply to take our accredited Biomedical Sciences undergraduate degree.

Modules available for accredited Top-Up

Biomedical Science

PLEASE NOTE that the Immunology and Microbiology modules are not available by distance learning. Also note that we welcome international students who are already in the UK with a valid visa, but unfortunately we will not be able to register you if you are outside the UK and wanting to come to the UK solely to take the course. You will be asked to provide a scanned copy of your UK visa, and of your passport when you submit the online registration form so that we can check you are eligible to take the top up modules.

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