Applied molecular biology

Key information

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Aims of this module

To provide a basic introduction to the identity of genes, the nature and properties of nucleic acids and proteins and to explain how these molecules work together in gene expression and DNA replication. 

In this module, basic level chemistry will be used to explain how the structure of these biological macromolecules results in their activities. Where appropriate, experimental evidence will be provided to demonstrate how our current knowledge was derived.  Emphasis will be placed on the fact that molecular biology is still an experimental science.

Module content

Key biological molecules:
  • Structure of DNA, RNA and proteins
  • Different types of RNA: mRNA, tRNA, rRNA and snRNA
Nucleic acid function:
  • DNA replication
  • Gene structure in prokaryotes and eukaryotes
  • Gene expression and differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes – the role of proteins and the different RNAs
The effect of mutations:

Protein function:
  • How a protein’s structure is responsible for its activity
  • How the amino acid sequence influences 3D structure
  • The relationship between gene sequence and protein activity
Analysis and application of molecular biology
  • Experimental evidence in support of some lecture material
  • Basic molecular biology – manipulation of nucleic acids
  • Basic Genetic Engineering – production of recombinant proteins and their uses