Assistant Audiologist/Hearing Care Assistant Module

Key information

Duration: In 2016 the workshops are on the 6th, 7th and 8th June and assessment dates are the 31st August and the 1st & 2nd September

This course is currently under review for 2017, and will be updated once the review has taken place.

Location: Aston University, Birmingham

The total cost of the course plus assessments is £1250.

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Further information: Contact Sarah Riches s.riches@aston.ac.uk  or telephone 0121 204 4201.


This stand-alone module is aimed at currently employed Assistant Audiologists/Hearing Care Assistants (HCA) who wish to develop their clinical skills. Practical skills training is provided according to current BSA/BAA best practice guidelines. The module consists of online e-learning, practical workshop training and a work-based element where a portfolio is built on procedural tasks completed under the supervision of their work-based supervisor. 

This module can also be used as APEL credit towards the clinical skills module in the First Stage of the Foundation Degree (FD). If applicants wish to use this as APEL they must complete the entire module and meet the Foundation Degree academic qualifications entry criteria of:

  • GCSE Mathematics, English Language and Science grade C or higher* 
  • IELTS 7 overall 
  • Applicants MUST be employed in the Audiology field 

Please also note: Completion of the module is not a guarantee of being accepted on to the Foundation Degree course. Applicants will go through the usual application process for undergraduate programmes.

*For those applicants who do not have the standard academic qualifications above please contact us for further advice on eligibility for the assistant/HCA module.

Summary of content    

Once the necessary pre-requisite e-learning sessions have been completed by the participants in their own study time, a series of workshops will take place. These workshops will cover the following topics:

  • Day 1: Otoscopy and impression-taking
  • Day 2: Pure-tone audiometry and tympanometry
  • Day 3: Hearing instrument maintenance and review

After further training in the workplace these clinical skills will be assessed at the University, with the 3 assessment days arranged so that day 1 is mainly a practice day in the skills lab and the following 2 days are the assessments.

Workshops and assessments will take place on:

  • Mon 6th, Tues 7th and Wed 8th June 2016 -  workshops 
  • Wed 31st August, Thurs 1st and 2nd September 2016 - assessment block. 

Resits are within week TBC.

Module outcomes

The package is spilt into 2 areas, Core Professional Competency and Core Clinical Competency.

Core clinical competency will be supported by workshops in our custom built clinical skills laboratory and clinical competence will be assessed by University Appointed Assessors, also on campus.

Core Professional Competency consists of:

  • Unit 1: Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Unit 2: Professionalism
  • Unit 3: Communication
  • Unit 4: Referrals and advice

Core Clinical Competency consists of:

  • Unit 5: Otoscopy
  • Unit 6: Pure-tone audiometry
  • Unit 7: Tympanometry
  • Unit 8: Impression-taking
  • Unit 9: Hearing aid maintenance
  • Unit 10: Review and aftercare for the hearing aid user