Aston University's Microbiology Roadshow

Microbiology in Schools

The World of Microbiology - Mastering the Invisible, Invincible, Treatable & Preventable

This is a two day microbiology course for Year 9/10 school children to introduce them to microorganisms and their role in health and disease.  The project is funded by the Society of Applied Microbiology (SfAM).

You can watch an overview of the course by clicking on the video below or downloading the course handbook.

You can download a copy of the Microbiology “How to” guide that tells you exactly how to deliver the course yourself.

You can download PDFs of the presentations below:

Particular aspects covered in the course include those detailed in the videos below, these were recorded during a visit to a local high school in Birmingham.

The below videos offer guidance to teachers.  By clicking the videos below you can play them in screen, alternatively you can click on the box in the bottom right to view them full screen or the YouTube icon to play them in YouTube (this will allow you to share and embed the videos).