Business & Community Engagement 

To achieve our mission of excellence in research, teaching and  business and community engagement (BCE), the School of Life & Health Sciences recognises the value of working in tandem with collaborative partners.

Our activities are led by the School’s BCE Committee who support many projects with public and private sector healthcare providers; corporate clients; schools, colleges and partner universities; the media, the public; policy makers, professional bodies and charities and students (prospective, current and alumni).

Activities & projects

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Many of our activities already benefit from a history of fruitful collaboration but we are always happy to hear from potentially new collaborative partners. 

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a collaborative venture with the School or you would like to join our volunteer register to be a participant in one of the School’s interesting research projects, please contact Mr Trevor Knight in the first instance who will direct your enquiry.

Microbiology Course for Schools

Find out about our two-day microbiology course for Year 9/10 school children to introduce them to microorganisms and their role in health and disease. The project is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Watch a video

Watch a video

Dr Anna Hine talks about her business partnership with Isogenica (Biologics Discovery company).

Microbiology Roadshow
Microbiology roadshow