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Dr David Terry
Dr David Terry

The APU was opened on 1st April 2013 under the directorship of Dr David Terry and is a collaboration between Aston UniversityBirmingham Children's Hospital and the wider NHS.

The steering committee of the APU includes:

  • Consultant medical staff (practicing leading clinicians and active researchers and educators)
  • Pharmacists (backgrounds in academia, hospital, primary-care and community)
  • Pharmacy Technician (senior hospital pharmacy management)
  • Nurses (senior hospital nurses, with medicines management responsibilities)
  • Educator (HEI distance learning specialist)
  • Public & patient involvement member (Charities background).

The APU provides oversight of a number of postgraduate students and their research projects.

The APU is an Aston University facility housed in Birmingham Children's Hospital Pharmacy Department. The director of the APU is also the Deputy Chief Pharmacist at the hospital.

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