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Aston welcomes Professor Yusra Mouzughi and Dr Tariq Khan from Muscat University

Muscat University was established in 2016 with a vision to produce a pipeline of future leaders for Oman and the region, combining academic rigour with the world of work, and with a strong commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Undergraduate students are the central focus of our new collaborative relationship with Muscat University. The undergraduate programmes start in September 2017 and Muscat will offer three joint programmes with Aston University across three faculties: Engineering and Technology, Business and Management and, Transport and Logistics.

Dr Trevor Oliver hosted a visit from Yusra, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Muscat University and Tariq, Muscat’s programme leader, to discuss partnership developments and to meet the wider team at Aston.

As part of the visit, Yusra gave an interesting presentation about the culture and customs of Oman and Omani students. She also updated the group on the progress of a new purpose-built university premises in Al Ghubra, a prime location opposite the Avenues Mall in the centre of Muscat.

At the end of the visit, Yusra and Tariq met with Provost and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Helen Higson.

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Professor Yusra Mouzughi, the Deputy Vice- Chancellor of Muscat University

Muscat University is Oman’s newest higher education institution, delivering undergraduate degrees in partnership with Aston University. From September 2017 students at Muscat will be able to study an Aston programme, upon successful completion of which, they will be awarded a degree from both Aston and Muscat Universities.

Muscat’s ambition in partnership with Aston is to deliver high-quality, research-supported degrees which are relevant to Oman’s, and the region’s, social and economic priorities and which produce future public and private sector leaders, both in Oman and internationally.

Delivering its teaching through the Faculties of Business and Management, Engineering and Technology and Transport and Logistics, Aston and Muscat will co-deliver the following degrees:

Through agreements with Cranfield University and MLS International College of Bournemouth, Muscat will also offer postgraduate and pathway programmes, respectively. The first cohort of pathway students will be admitted into Muscat in September 2016, studying the General Foundation Programme (GFP) and the Pre-Master’s Programme (PMP). Successful completion of the GFP will make students eligible for one of Aston’s degree programmes at Muscat University.

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Launch of Muscat University International Partnerships (from left): Mr Barry Henwood (MLS International College, Bournemouth), Dr Trevor Oliver (Aston University), Prof. Simon Pollard (Cranfield University), Dr Said Al Kitani (Muscat University), Prof. Anthony Cahalan (Muscat University) and Prof. Yusra Mouzughi (Muscat University)