Student profiles from South East Asia

International Student Profile
Stephanie Loke

Stephanie Loke, BSc (Hons) Industrial Product Design, Malaysia

"Aston is in a great location, right in the middle of Birmingham which is in the centre of the UK, you can get to anywhere in the UK very quickly."

Aston is in a great location, right in the middle of Birmingham which is in the centre of the UK, you can get to anywhere in the UK very quickly. Aston has a very friendly community and during my time here I have not only expanded my network in the student community, but also the friendly, close-knit staff as well.

I love living in Birmingham. I even wrote an article for a British Council website about the city! I enjoy walking along the canals.  I also really like going to the libraries and reading from their extensive catalogue. I love listening to music as well and I go to symphony hall on a Sunday for £4.  I’ve also seen the Guillemots in Birmingham.

I completed a placement year working in Route Problem Management in Hams Hall for BMW – I worked at the factory where they make the Mini and 1 series engines. I was working on their supply chains, involved in a project to streamline international processes to a faster and more efficient method of working. I really enjoyed my placement year and it was a great way for me to learn about the difference between British and German culture, which is especially highlighted in a working environment.

Nazatul Amira Hamzah profile
Nazatul Amira Hamzah

Nazatul Amira Hamzah, MPharm, Malaysia  

"Choose Aston University as your first choice, it will give you everything you wish and make you a good student and person!"

Many of them are local students and Asian-originated students. There are lots of international students who give me different views of life and knowledge

I fell in love with Birmingham the first time read about it. The cost of living is not high in Birmingham. The city is complete and fascinating. There are many halal food shops and restaurants so it’s easy for me to buy anything I want.

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Su Ann Lim

Su Ann Lim, MA TESOL, Malaysian

"My lecturers are very helpful if ever I have a query. We also have access to excellent facilities."

Master's programmes aren't easy, you have to work hard but its been fun studying here! We have teaching practice sessions where we teach English to students from the university and local community. Our tutor will be in the class and give us feedback which is really helpful.

My lecturers are very helpful if ever I have a query. We also have access to excellent facilities.

I didn’t know anything about Birmingham, I had heard stories but they weren’t true. It’s very clean and safe with lots of shops and places to relax and the campus is well located to get to all of them!

Joshua Ming Jun Wee
Joshua Ming Jun Wee
Joshua Ming Jun Wee, BSc International Business and Economics, Singapore

"The student mix is highly diverse with students coming from different parts of the world."

I chose Aston University because of its respectable reputation in commerce and industry. Its rankings, especially in Business-related fields are consistently high and Aston graduates are widely sought after. The degree programmes in the Business School are comprehensive, with students completing modules that contribute to the wide-spectrum of knowledge that can be gained in their chosen subject field.

The placement year is also another advantage for Aston graduates. The value of the degree is further enhanced by the integrated placement which provides students with the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge gained during the 2nd year. The placement will allow students to graduate with valuable work experience which makes the Aston degree appealing to graduate employers.

The highly international student environment appeals to me as I will be able to gain different international perspectives and not to mention, making lots of new friends!

The BSc in International Business and Economics is a very well-rounded and intensive course. Almost all modules are related and this allows student to identify the impacts of a company's internal decision on the macroeconomic environment. The modules are evenly distributed between International Business and Economics and are taught by both Research and Teaching Fellows who really demonstrate expertise in their fields. They frequently incorporate current research findings into the lecture materials and this provides students with up-to-date information about changes within the industry; ensuring the Degree remaining relevant.

The module staff are committed and always willing to help students even outside of office hours! If that's not sufficient, students can rely on support from the library services especially from the Maths Support Group and also academic journals. A wide range of facilities such as computers and printers are easily available.

The student mix is highly diverse with students coming from different parts of the world. The atmosphere is friendly and I highly recommend any potential students to form study groups to help each other and gain valuable insights, which goes a long way in helping students score.

Birmingham is a very 'International' city with diverse cultures and ethnic groups. The nightlife is bustling especially along Broad Street with a wide range of pubs and clubs! Settling down in Birmingham is easy, with supermarkets scattered around the city and the Bullring Markets located in the city centre, shopping is convenient and hassle-free.

I hope to be able to utilize the skills and knowledge that I have acquired at Aston to make an impact in the organization I work for in the future.

Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen, BSc International Business and Management, Vietnam

"By studying this degree at Aston University, I am enhancing my career development opportunities in a wide business context. I will be able to enter organisations across the globe at graduate trainee or junior management levels"

I have confidence in studying a degree in Management in Aston, especially because Aston is one of the best Business Universities in Europe and it can help me to achieve my goals. The working world is increasingly global, and to equip themselves for this international business environment organisations are increasingly seeking graduates whose business and management knowledge, skills and self-confidence make them ‘at home’ in a culturally diverse working environment. 

The International Business Management course in Aston is designed to equip me to address the challenges of managing and leading in a multi-cultural and globalized business environment. It develops my understanding of how businesses operate internationally, the challenges managers face in culturally diverse organisations and the management skills I must develop in order to be successful. This degree meshes the essential ‘must know’ elements of business with a profound understanding of the role and functions of international management.

I have experienced a range of teaching methods including lectures, tutorials, group-working, case studies and both individual and group presentations. Traditional teaching is supported by a virtual learning environment that is used to host a range of electronic supporting materials. For example all business students undertake the Business Game module and compete in teams in a computer simulation exercise that culminates in a presentation to a panel of external employers. Assessment is provided by a mix of coursework and examination.

Aston designs a wide range of fantastic teaching methods, which offers a core strategic management focus within an international business context and has been developed in response to demand by alumni and our own advisory panel of international employers.

Currently, my dream is to become a Chief Executive Officer of an organization in the UK or another country, and I believe that being at Aston together with the hard work I input into my degree, I will b successful in achieving that degree. I am also considering after having gained considerable experience, to go back to Vietnam and take over my father’s business. 

The opportunity of experiencing university life in the UK will not only give me a chance to develop on a personals level and develop my skills and abilities but it will also give me a chance to contribute to the wellbeing of the general society. Aston helps me achieve my goal by being a great supporter. Aston has successfully blended its traditional roots with a progressive approach to teaching and learning. Its history has been one of academic excellence, where research informs high quality learning and teaching. I believe that completing my degree at Aston will prepare me to meet the demands and challenges of today’s world and will prepare me for a successful and rewarding career.

Anh Duc Trinh
Anh Duc Trinh

Anh Duc Trinh, BSc Business and Management, Vietnamese

"On my course, the student placement support has been very useful as I am doing a placement next year. After I graduate, I hope to work for a bank and in the longer term, return to Aston to complete my MBA!"

Before I came to Aston, I was in contact with other Vietnamese students studying here and so I knew about the University’s reputation and good location.  

Language is important, so don’t be shy about your English! I would recommend you to be open minded and join in the societies and activities in the university. I have joined the Chinese, Hong Kong, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Student in Free Enterprise societies at Aston.

In the Vietnamese society, I have been to other universities to visit their Vietnamese societies and I am a part of the Vietnamese Aston Football society playing friendly matches against Surrey and Warwick, also we were in the SVUK tournament and played against Leicester and Nottingham universities.

International Student Profile
Hang Vu

Hang Vu, BSc International Business, Vietnam 

"There is time for socialising and other activities other than just academic life so it’s not boring at all! I have started to play some new sports including cricket!"

I chose to come to Aston because of its great location in the city centre of Birmingham, a big city with lots of places to go shopping and plenty of opportunities to find a job but without being overcrowded. The students come from a dynamic range of backgrounds and the university has a good reputation and great facilities.

There is time for socialising and other activities other than just academic life so it’s not boring at all! I have started to play some new sports including cricket!

It’s a small community so people get know each other really easily. The lecturers and tutors are really supportive and you get a quick response from them to any queries you have.

Aston has a good reputation for career development and opportunity. Also with the placement year on my course that can be a great way to get working experience on my CV. My long term goal is to go back to Vietnam to set up my own business.

International Student Profile
Thu Giang Do

Thu Giang Do, MSc Business & Management, Vietnam

"If I had to make my choice again, I’ll still choose Aston, it’s the best choice for me!"

I came to Aston because it is a highly ranked university with a good reputation in a great location in Birmingham city. The module outlines and structure for my programme are clear and there is a lot of coursework and group work. The lecturers are really great and it’s important to make effective use of your study hours.

There are lots of different cultures at Aston as well, we talk about everything, different food, travel, customs and behaviours, these can be very funny times!  Whilst at Aston, I’ve also had the opportunity to join the Vietnamese society where I have been involved in the organisation of various events.

I really pleased to have been accepted onto an exchange programme with the University of Florida, this will be a great opportunity for me!

All of the university buildings are on campus which is really convenient. The campus is very close to the city centre and the shops.  There are good transportation links in the city to travel around the rest of the UK.

The staff are really friendly and easy to contact if you need support with anything.

Thao Nguyen Hoang
Thao Nguyen Hoang

Thao Nguyen Hoang, MA European Union & International Relations, Vietnam, International Office Scholarship

"I’m having a great time here and should be better able to achieve my goals by being an Aston Graduate. I would definitely recommend studying in the UK and Aston."

The facilities at the university are really great and the staff friendly and helpful. We have our own dedicated computer lab which has restricted swipe access. It’s like having my own office, l also do a lot of studying there too.

I have met a lot of nice students. Because there are a lot of people from other countries here, it is easy to make friends. I have not only improved my English skills, but l am also more confident and independent. If l had stayed in Vietnam l would have missed these experiences.

Aston University was recommended to me by my supervisor. He knew Aston had good taught programmes and a well ranked MA in International Relations. Politics is not that popular in Vietnam so it is good to be studying in a country that has such a lively and historic Parliament.  During lectures we also have discussions about current topics which helps you learn more about the subject you are studying.