Student profiles from South Asia

Syed Asif
Syed Asif

Syed Asif, Bangladesh, MSc Accounting and Finance

"The main reason behind choosing Aston University is because Aston Business School has the prestigious Triple Accreditation: Association of MBAs, EQUIS and AACSB"

The main reason behind choosing Aston University is because Aston Business School has the prestigious Triple Accreditation: Association of MBAs, EQUIS and AACSB. These accreditations made Aston highly standardized in terms of education among many Universities of the World, a university famous for its high quality teaching and studying facilities and environment; top academic staff. Moreover, Aston is in top 5 for graduate employability rates, even higher than Oxford and Cambridge.

In Aston I can also meet different people from different cultures and backgrounds, from whom I can learn a lot. The cultural diversity is one of the things I like most about the university. Another thing is the location and the fact that Aston is a campus university. Anything that students might need could be found on campus – sports facilities, library, accommodations, lecture halls, even shops. The campus itself is really pleasant, well maintained and green.

Birmingham is a city which offers all the necessities and conveniences to students. It offers great cultural diversity; it has got something to offer for everybody: parks and green areas, shopping centre, stunning modern developments, museum and art gallery. It is the perfect city for studying and having a good standard of social life.

I am inspired to pursue my career in Teaching which will let me devote myself the most in the subject and will also give me the opportunity to share my knowledge, views and experience with my colleagues and thousands of students. For me, Aston is the place that can provide me with a prestigious background for continuing my education to a higher level. As Aston Business School has the Triple Accreditation which is considered extremely valuable among universities all over the World, I am even more motivated to develop which I believe I will help me achieve my goal.

Zahia Khondoka
Zahia Khondoka

Zahia Khondoker, BSc Economics and Management, Bangladesh.                 

"Aston is at the heart of Birmingham, there is no other University that is more convenient"

Aston encourages the placement year, the courses are industry orientated, which is what the world demands as more and more employers seek students with skills and experience. This I believe is the way forward for education.

Birmingham city centre is really organised which is good for students. The Indian and Chinese restaurants are in sections and so are all the clubs and bars, this makes it easy to find your way round which is especially important for international students.

I definitely want to be more entrepreneurial and start my own business, perhaps my own cosmetic line.

I also have an interest to work in the finance industry within banking. Aston helps develop entrepreneurial skills which make students more employable. The placement helps develop these skills, which puts Aston students ahead of everyone after graduation.

Masud M. Zaman
Masud M. Zaman

Masud M. Zaman, MSc in HRM and Business, Bangladesh                               

"Aston University is an excellent place to study, great focus and facilities"

I have done some research on the Universities in the UK which have good degrees in HR and also offer CIPD qualifications.

The area I wanted to study in was the west midlands as my family live here, among these universities I found Aston to be very good, there are good career progression opportunities for the graduates, good communication facilities and an excellent business school.

The city centre is a vibrant place and a good place for Muslims to live as it is easy to get access to halal food, compared to other cities in the UK, Birmingham has very good access to halal food, this is something students from Bangladesh will look for when thinking of studying in the UK.

I am pursuing CIPD qualifications after I graduate I will apply for full CIPD membership. I would like to apply in some MNCs for a senior HR position. Before that though I need to go back to Bangladesh to renew my Visa, I guess I will get a job in Bangladesh first and then start looking for a job internationally when I have my Visa.

Palak Chandalia
Palak Chandalia

Palak Chandalia, MSc Finance and Investments

"At Aston, I have met people from different cultures making me more open to people from different backgrounds and personalities. I have become more self-disciplined and career focused"

After completing my bachelors in Finance from Aston, (graduated in June 2014), and immediately chose to do my masters from Aston itself.  The reason for which I chose to study at Aston is because it is a well-established university known for its world-class reputation and teaching quality.

I have been a Student Ambassador throughout my time here. I have also been the Secretary of Aston’s Banking and Finance Society. These two roles helped me to engage with different people, and has made me more confident and approachable to various groups of people.

Aston is situated in the heart of Birmingham which is the second largest city in the UK. It takes about 10 minutes to the city centre, where there is the Bullring shopping centre, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and many other places for recreational purposes. Furthermore, there are three train stations and one coach station situated in the city centre of Birmingham, which are again a small walk from Aston’s campus, making it so convenient for students who want to travel around the UK. It has been said that Birmingham is one of the safest cities in the UK. Therefore, Aston’s location in Birmingham is a great plus point that many students consider while choosing a University to study at.

Once I graduate (September 2015), I aim to go for a Finance position in preferably, a global company situated somewhere in Europe.

My experience at Aston has been a very different one compared to if I did my bachelors and masters back home. I have greatly been able to develop my personality here, by staying on my own, and settling into a new country. The experience has made me very independent, which I feel proud of.

If you are looking for a place where you can make several good contacts, meet different cultured people as well as get more career focused, then Aston is your place! It is a very reputable university, and I am sure you will love your experience here, just as I do :)

Sharadha Jayaraman
Sharadha Jayaraman
Sharadha Jayaraman, BSc Software Engineering

"Our professors are very well qualified in their fields of study. They are always happy to help students with the most trivial problems."

Aston University is known for its rankings in the U.K. It has a high reputation as a research institution and for graduate employability (subsequently its industrial links). This was the main reason for me to choose Aston University over many U.K. institutions. It is also a small university which helps students develop better with personal tutoring and greater access to university resources. Its location is also a virtue as it has links to all the major city hotspots which appeal to students. Over and above, the campus is very friendly and conducive for excelling in academics.

Birmingham is home to a number of ethnic groups. Aston University, being centrally located, helps students experience Birmingham to the fullest. Churches, temples, mausoleums, pizza parlours, salons, bars, shopping malls and eat out joints attract students the most. The weather may not the best factor to consider while talking about my experience in Birmingham, but that hasn't stopped me from going places and discovering the various hotspots in the city. Living off-campus has also helped me acquaint myself with some of the more remote parts in Birmingham. The people are very friendly. There are many small firms and industries operating here, hence is home to good entrepreneurial activities.

I am studying Software Engineering at Aston and am in my final year. My modules are very diverse, including Software Project Management, Computer Animation, Geographic Information Systems and Enterprise Computing Strategies, to name a few. The courses are well organised and their materials cover a variety of topics. There are course works in some modules which help students apply their practical skills. Our professors are very well qualified in their fields of study. They are always happy to help students with the most trivial problems. Students are allocated personal tutors who help them with any academic and non-academic issues. Aston University is known for its international base and the same is reflected in all the modules I take.

I hope to imbibe maximum skills while at university, which can be transferred onto a graduate job I wish to take up in Birmingham. I wish to continue pursuing I.T. and I.T. consulting and Aston Careers has been very helpful in helping me look through some good companies for applying. There may be a placement year post my graduation so I am eagerly looking forward to that as well!

Harshit Bhambri
Harshit Bhambri, BSc Marketing

"If you need a place to make some amazing contacts, meet people from different cultures and secure a fantastic job, all this at a reasonable price, then ASTON UNIVERSITY is your place."

Aston is an excellent university, with a compact, small, one place located and easily assessable campus in the heart of United Kingdom’s second largest city Birmingham. The reason I chose Aston was due to its Business School rankings in UK and the employability rate being higher than Oxford. Like every student I would like to have a great job once I finish my university and Aston provides the right platform. So therefore if you need a place to make some amazing contacts, meet people from different cultures and secure a fantastic job, all this at a reasonable price, then ASTON UNIVERSITY is your place.

I am pursuing Bachelors of Sciences in Marketing here at Aston and I am currently completing my second year. In first year all the students no matter which course had the same modules, including Management, Organisational management, Accountancy and Quantitative Methods. In the second year every student then studies modules according to their own courses and subjects where you may get an option to choose your own modules.

The staff here at Aston is very friendly and helpful. We all have been assigned Personal Tutors which helps a lot to boost the confidence. My personal tutor is just amazing and has helped me with almost everything. Examinations here are similar to any examination held anywhere in the world. It’s just if you remain active and study regularly, you will be good during exam times.

The programmes no matter which have students from all over the world and with different backgrounds and study styles, which makes you know more about different cultures.

Birmingham is the second largest city in United Kingdom, which makes it well developed and reasonable. Aston University being situated in the heart of Birmingham is just a 5 minutes walk from the city centre, where you can find everything you need for day to day life. The nearest train station is New Street station where you can find trains connecting Birmingham to anyplace in UK, at any time of the day. Also Birmingham has many exciting places to visit like the Birmingham National Museum, The Central Library, Alton Towers, NEC and many more; therefore you can never get bored in such a place. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO DO IN BHAM.
In terms of safety and security, Aston is located next to West Midlands Police station and Birmingham Children Hospital, and Birmingham is also considered to be the safest city in UK.

After my graduation, which is still 2 more years to go, I plan to go for a Marketing position in a good firm in United Kingdom itself and possibly in Birmingham. Maybe after that I would again come to Aston University to pursue my MBA.

Prabhjyot Kaur Profile Pic
Prabhjyot Kaur
Prabhjyot Kaur, BEng Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, India

"I have really enjoyed my studies at Aston University, it has encouraged me to be more independent, has taught me self discipline and how to be self motivated. I got a great placement at Rolls Royce in my sandwich year and I am going onto become a graduate trainee at Rolls Royce following my graduation. 

I chose Aston because of the good reviews I had heard about Electronic Engineering, the graduate placements and the practical degree programmes. The university has great facilities and I won best final year project in my last year of study."

Sumit Mallhotra profile
Sumit Mallhotra

Sumit Malhotra, BEng Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, India

"Read my 3 reasons why I chose do a placement... Click on the My Placement link"

Only Aston offered the combination of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science that I was looking for. Aston has good rankings and offers you the opportunity to include a work placement year as an integral part of the programme.

I chose to take 3 placements:

1. A summer placement with BBC Research and Development, working as a Network Engineer. This placement goes to the student with the best grades in the first year of my course. I learnt to work in an organised way and improved my skills in testing systems.

2. A year long placement with BMW, working as a Quality Analyst. I learnt to communicate with dealerships all over the world and so improved my communication skills.

3. An in-house placement, working with the Aston Photonic Research Group. I learnt research skills.

 After all my placements I was more organised, less stressed and my time management improved. I think Aston is a great University. I believe that because of the placement option, finding a graduate job after studying at Aston is easier. The careers office really helps students to get placements and graduate jobs. Already, I have been offered a graduate job with a UK company as a C Sharp Programmer. If I choose not to accept this I will go into the family business back home in India.

Koyelia Sirkar
Koyelia Sirkar

Koyelia Sirkar, MSc Marketing Management, class of 2011.

"I chose Aston University mainly because it was ranked 5th in lists of Top 10 Business Schools in the UK and it is in the heart of England’s second largest city. This promised the right balance between academic and social life. 

The best thing about the experience was the exposure to a multicultural environment and access to expert professors. I believe studying at Aston opened my mind to new ideas and built the base to start my career on. The Career Services Department helped me find a job as a volunteer with a local Credit Union where I was later given an employment contract."

Damini Passi

Damini Passi, BSc Business and Management, India

Read about my Aston experience by clicking the tabs below.

One of the main reasons why l chose Aston was because of the compact and friendly campus. Getting around is easy and you soon get to know people’s faces.  There a lot of clubs and societies you can join too. I’m currently working as a Guild International Student Officer.

When l was applying to Aston l used an agent in New Delhi. One day, when visiting my agent, l also met one of the University reps. We had a chat about the course and the University which found really helpful.

I have chosen the Marketing and Operations streams which involves a lot of group work with people from around the world. This is a great experience as I want to work for a multinational company when l graduate.

Manoranjan Mishra
Manoranjan Mishra

Manoranjan Mishra, MSc Finance and Financial Regulation, class of 2011    

"As General Manager in the Department of Banking Supervision of Reserve Bank of India, I am presently responsible for on-site assessment of large conglomerate banks operating in India. I studied M Sc in Finance and Financial Regulation at Aston Business School on a scholarship from the Reserve Bank. 

I chose this full-time course mid-career as it was most suited to my work profile. My practical experience in the field of banking regulation and supervision got bolstered by high standard theoretical inputs from the university. I can see visible career gains thanks to the course."

Nimitt V Chokshi
Nimitt V Chokshi

Nimitt V Chokshi, MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences, India.

"Aston is full of opportunities, go for it!"

I just want to study, I even want to do my PhD here I am passionate about research studies. I came to Aston is its highly ranked and because my course is versatile here my modules fit me well. Aston is really good, the course is very intense, I find it very interesting and challenging for me.

Extra Curricula activities at Aston are amazing, I just used the career services. These are the aspects which really help in grooming yourself.

Also it’s in Birmingham the second biggest city in the UK which is good for other things apart from study; no one can study all the time. Birmingham is full of lively people, mainly it’s a student city so you get your mates quickly, and it feels like home.

Eshun Saeed Profile
Eshun Saeed

Ehsun Saeed, MBA, Pakistan

"The programme is very rigorous with a good mix of contemporary modules"

I chose Aston because it has a great reputation, especially in research. Its appeal is that Aston is an old university which has an established, world-class MBA programme.

The programme is very rigorous with a good mix of contemporary modules and I particularly enjoy the group discussions where I have a forum to put my points across and exchange ideas with my classmates. MBA students represent more than 20 nationalities so we can all learn from each other. But we also enjoy the involvement of the British part-time students. There is good knowledge sharing. We also mix socially where we can learn more than just academic information about each other. Good fun!

Birmingham is very diverse culturally and very different from my home country. I feel comfortable here because of the existing British Pakistani population. The city is very lively and colourful and there is a strong mix of old and modern architecture, great shopping and good transportation links. The canals are very picturesque and the city looks especially lovely in the winter with snow. I love the four very distinct seasons in Britain. The weather is much milder here than at home. I also enjoy the food here too, much more than I expected to!

Usman Jamil
Usman Jamil

Usman Jamil, BSc Business Administration and Mathematics, Pakistan 

"I was impressed with Aston’s combined honours programmes and the chance to complete a placement year."

I was impressed with Aston’s combined honours programmes and the chance to complete a placement year. Aston Has a very good Islamic society and is very close to the city centre with a very multicultural environment.

I’m a big football fan and there are some very good clubs in Birmingham and I went to watch a few of their matches. You can always find something to do in Birmingham as there are major events throughout the year. 

I am hoping to get a job in the banking industry since I like Mathematics and Aston University’s reputation for Business courses is very high among employers as well. I have learnt a lot from my placement year and I have made a more knowledgeable decision on the choice of my career.

International Student Profile
Kumud Herath

Kumud Herath, BEng Mechanical Engineering (Hons), Sri Lanka

"My degree is accredited by IMechE so directly related to getting chartered status; professional recognition. Employers look for graduates whose university has accreditation."

Amongst the other universities at the time of applying, Aston’s Engineering degree was regarded higher. My degree is accredited by IMechE so directly related to getting chartered status; professional recognition. Employers look for graduates whose university has accreditation.

The number one reason I chose Aston was I was really keen on the placements programme. Aston was regarded well for employability and this caught my attention in the prospectus.  The placement is very important. Of course I want to do a placement year. I would like something related to my degree. I am interested in automobiles. I would like to get into a well regarded company like BMW, Land rover or Toyota and maybe get a job through this experience after university.

Hemali Seneka Abeywickrema
Hemali Seneka Abeywickrema

Hemali Seneka Abeywickrema, BSc Business and Management, Sri Lanka

"Summing up Aston - Aston is challenging yet fun!"                                                    

I went to Visakha Vidyalaya which is an all girls Buddhist School up until my O-Levels, sports wise I did swimming and water-polo, I was the swimming team captain and played water-polo for 4 years and have been swimming around 10 years at this school.  I gained sports colours for water-polo and swimming I was also the goal keeper of the team that won the national championship many times! I then went to my second school gateway college where I did my A-levels; I continued in the swimming team and gained a merit for swimming.

Before deciding on what universities to apply for I checked Aston out and found that it has a good business school, triple accreditation and great graduate prospects. I chose Aston because it is a top business school.

Since starting Aston I have found that the people here are really friendly, the campus is nice and not too big like other campuses and the lecturers are really good.

I am also actively involved in the societies here at Aston including the Sri Lanka society and the swimming and water polo society. I am also looking into the travelling society because I like to travel; there are many societies you can get involved in at Aston.

The Aston campus is located so close to Birmingham city centre which is great for shopping and socialising, everything you need is right on your doorstep.

I think Birmingham is fantastic as it is a high profile city; this is good as I am a city person.

After I graduate I want to go back to Sri Lanka to do work there and also to help my parents out with their businesses.

Aston will help me achieve this as they have supply chain management which you can specialise in during your 2nd and final year; Aston also offers postgraduate courses in supply chain management.

Studying supply chain management in more detail next year will give me a more options and a more clear idea of what I want to do.

I am also planning to do a placement year and maybe some summer internships, this will help with my graduate prospects.