Student profiles from Latin America

Cassia Ayres
Cassia Ayres

Cássia Vasconecelos Ayres, MSc Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

"What brought me to Aston was my wish to acquire soft skills to go beyond my field of work and make more impact on business thinking from an environmental and social perspective, as so important as the economic view for succeeding in the market."

My name is Cássia Ayres, I’m Brazilian, 37 years old.  I came to Aston to take a postgraduate programme in Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR)  & Sustainability at Aston Business School ( 2014-2015).  I have a BA in Social Communication at Catholic University in Salvador (my hometown).

I will be blogging regularly about my life at Aston, Click here to have read

My last big surprise here was to receive the Formula Santander Scholarship as recognition of my efforts to study in UK. I’m amazed about the possibility to use this blog to express my ideas and feelings addressing other prospect students as well as being the “ambassador” supporting them with common needs that also I’m having now.

Julius Silva
Julius Silva

Julius Silva, MSc International Business

"My choice to study the MSc in International Business at Aston University is based on the UK’s reputation for high quality of education. I strongly believe I will acquire knowledge and skills that will contribute to my professional and personal development."

I am from Recife, a beautiful coastal city located in the Northeast region of Brazil. The city has 1.5 million inhabitants and it’s also the capital and largest city in the state of Pernambuco.

I was graduated in Business Administration in 2012. My experience during my graduation was expansive, rich with many activities and cross-cultural experiences. I always felt very comfortable around people and that is one of the reasons I chose to study International Business.

I will be blogging regularly about my life at Aston, Click here to have read 

The Santander scholarship will allow me to gain and share knowledge made up by connections with people from different parts of the world. In my view, every encounter creates an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences. I am sure this experience will expand my global perspective.

I aim to improve relations between my home country and the UK. But, I also desire to work with organisations committed to generating benefits to society, and primarily companies or organisations in emerging economies such as China, India and other nations in East Asia and the African continent.

Lina's Profile
Lina Marcela Moscoso Rodriguez

Lina Marcela Moscoso Rodriguez, MSc Social Responsibility & Sustainability

"When I found out about Aston University, I knew this would be my place."

I studied Industrial Engineering in Colombia and I have specialized in Process and Quality Management. When I decided to come to the UK to improve my English, I thought that was the most important decision I had made. 

But this year, something really amazing happened. I realised that in the UK I could study the course that I have dreamed about all my life. When I found out about Aston University, I knew this would be my place.

I will be blogging regularly about my life at Aston, Click here to have read 

Aston University/Banco Santander Scholarship gave me the opportunity to start my dream. I can not describe what I felt when I received the positive notification about my scholarship. For me it was an honour, as it was unbelievable to be a part of such a prestigious University. But then I realized that now I could be part of something big and important. I am satisfied, I feel fortunate and proud about the start of my Masters programme in Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Aston University.

In the future, I would like to help people to achieve their goals, companies to be successful and societies to achieve sustainable environments. For that reason I chose to study MSc Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Aston University is known for its world-class teaching quality and strong links to industry, government and commerce, and this could help me to get a huge benefit to my career and it will broaden my horizons. I am sure the University has the tools for me to learn and expand my knowledge. Now I am really pleased to show others my life in Birmingham, In Aston University!

International Student Profile Picture
Hans Alarcon

Hans Alarcon, BSc Management and Strategy, Peru

"Because my placement was abroad I also learned how to adapt to a complete different environment and having to meet people that will support in the absence of my family and childhood friends"

Campuses create a small community of fellow students away from parents which helps a lot to experience certain kind of independence. I liked being in a community with other young students who were interesting and good to meet.

I was also part of the live music society and so was able to perform in different venues in Birmingham which was an interesting life experience.

On my placement I am a supervisor at a restaurant chain. My main duties are to take care of the accounting of everyday sales and be responsible for the crew working at the restaurant. Being responsible for the running of a store I also gained confidence in my abilities to assume a leadership role. And because my placement was abroad I also learned how to adapt to a complete different environment and having to meet people that will support in the absence of my family and childhood friends.

Ava-Gail Lewis
Ava-Gail Lewis

 Ava-Gail Lewis, MSc Engineering Management, Panama

"I was surprised at how international Aston University is, there is a lot of cultural diversity here, which made me feel really comfortable and not out of place when I first arrived."

Student life here is really social; there are lots of activities going on and lots to do. The library and computer facilities are great, my course is practical/industry focused so it keeps me enthusiastic. I feel my Masters will help me when I go back to Panama to work in a project management role. International degrees are valued and graduates from the UK are sought after.

Ninoska Reyes Ruiz
Ninoska Reyes Ruiz
Ninoska Reyes Ruiz, BSc Accounting for Management, Venezuela

"I am going to take a placement year as part of my Bachelors degree at Aston University. This way, I will already have some experience when I go back to Venezuela in competing for a good job"

The student visa covers the placement year, so you are able to work for a year and get paid as part of the four year degree programme. I chose Aston because I can gain accreditation towards becoming a Chartered Accountant, and the tuition fees are fixed for the duration of my studies. The on-campus accommodation here is great and it is guaranteed each year of my degree programme. The teaching is excellent here and the lecturers are really approachable. The campus is in the city centre so you can get to everything really quickly and the lecture theatres are right near my accommodation.