Student profiles from Middle East 

Husain Ateya
Husain Ateya

Husain Ateya, Business International Foundation Programme, Bahrain.

"Aston University’s city centre location is really handy. All the shops are close by so you don’t have to commute or take cabs anywhere."

The teaching standards are great at Aston University with flexible programmes allowing you to pursue interesting subjects. The above average employability rate is also impressive and this is a great place to improve your English skills. When l go back to Bahrain my Aston degree will give me more job opportunities.

Being a small university also makes meeting people easier. If l had gone to a large university, I would never have met the International Office staff producing this profile!

I like living in the new accommodation too as the rooms are spacious and modern.

In Birmingham there is also so much to see and do. I went to the annual German Xmas market the other day. They have stalls selling food, drinks and crafts. It was foggy that day which really made the experience even more festive.  The Bull Ring is close by which is a nice indoor shopping centre.

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Fariba Khorrami

FaribahorramiDastjerdi, MPharm,Iran                                                                

"When I attended the open day and I could see the multicultural environment I felt very comfortable here, you go around the campus and you can see faces from all over the world."                                  

I wanted to come to Aston because I knew that I would have good career prospects, Aston has a very good reputation. When I attended the open day and I could see the multicultural environment I felt very comfortable here, you go around the campus and you can see faces from all over the world.

Here technology plays a big role, we have good IT and lab facilities. I like this as it helps me to learn, it gives you a better idea of how to do things. There are a lot of support facilities here for students so you never feel that you are on your own. Everyone was very friendly and we could help each other with our courses, I used to help a friend with maths and get them to help me with biology.

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Farhan Alhusban

Farhan Alhusban, PhD in Drug Delivery, Jordan

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I completed my Masters degree at Aston University and got an overview of drug delivery systems. Whilst on my PhD I have visited the University of Birmingham, De Montfort and Loughborough on collaborative research.

Living on campus makes life very convenient, its also very good for you social life, I have met people from all over the world whilst living on campus. It is really nice to meet people from other parts the world, I have come to realise how much I have in common with so many different people.

I like the city centre, the nightlife in Birmingham is good and it’s a safe city. It’s the best of both worlds, Birmingham isn’t too big like London but not too small like some other cities, also Birmingham is very central, making its easy to travel round the UK as Birmingham really well connected.

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Abhay Singh

Abhay Singh, BSc Business and Management, Oman 

"My main reason for applying to Aston was to due to continuous improvement in rankings over the past few years, the opportunity to do a work placement year and the fact that the Business School has triple accreditation. 

Birmingham is a city with great shopping facilities, social life and culture. I have joined several of the University Societies and made many friends already. If my friends were asking my advice on whether to come to Aston, I would say do it!"

Mahmood Al Amri
Mahmood Al Amri

Mahmood Al Amri, MSc Industrial Enterprise Management, Oman

"Aston is a well known university, I chose my programme as I already had a business background and wanted to understand the perspectives of both engineers and businessmen. On my course we use a lot of practical, real world examples and look at the issues between engineering and management professionals. 

The UK attracts students from a diverse range of backgrounds which gives us a chance to learn outside the university, learning about different cultures and languages. This prepares me for the workplace where I will have to interact with people from a variety of different backgrounds. This is not just a course; it’s a completely different lifestyle and experience."

Warda Hassan
Warda Hassan

Warda Hassan, MSc Biomedical Science, Oman 

"I chose to study here as I believe that a Post Graduate qualification from Aston University will enable me to further my career and open more doors for me in the future. During the application procedure I was impressed with the adaptability and quick responses shown to any queries. 

Since arriving at Aston I have been inspired by the quality of teaching and the emphasis put on self development and growth. Welcome Week was particularly helpful for settling in and I now have friends from all over the world. Coming to Aston was definitely the right decision for me."

Fahad Al Thani
Fahad Al-thani BSc International Business and Management
Fahad Al-Thani, Scholar of the Higher Education Institute of the State of Qatar
BSc International Business and Management

Whilst I was searching for a highly ranked university, I was impressed with the renown and reputation of the University. Aston is constantly ranked amongst the top business schools in the national and international league tables. This is one of the prime factors that have attracted me as well as the beautiful and green campus which is like an oasis in the city centre of a large and vibrant city.

The common first year for all the students of the business school is extremely beneficial because it covers all aspects of business studies, thereby giving students a strong intellectual grounding in all areas in the field of business and management studies such as Finance, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Information Technology and Operations Management. The lecturers and the support staff of the University are very helpful and approachable.

The assessment encompasses a combination of examinations, class tests, coursework, group work and presentations. This combination of assessment methods aims to assess students effectively and efficiently.

The diversity is one of the strengths that the University benefits from – research shows that diversity helps to drive innovation. There are students from all over the world studying with me. This has, therefore, increased my awareness regarding various cultures and has also enabled me to be effective in working with diverse groups. Such an important skill – working with diverse groups - will definitely prove its effectiveness in my potential workplace. 

The campus is located in the middle of Birmingham (the second biggest city in the UK); it is only five minutes walk from the city centre, including the famous Bullring shopping centre and the main train stations. Birmingham offers a variety of shopping places, galleries, museums, theatres and restaurants that will meet every individual’s taste and interest. The art galleries are really attractive and worth visiting! To put it simply, everything you are looking for in a city, you would find it in Birmingham!

When I graduate, my studies at Aston will definitely provide me a solid foundation to embark on a successful and distinguished career. The wealth of knowledge and skills I gained during my time at Aston have helped me to be prepared to overcome challenges in my career path and to fulfill my potential.

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Hassan Al Bahrani

Hassan Al Bahrani, International Foundation Programme 2009-2010, Saudi Arabia

"Me and the other ARAMCO students will meet up for dinner or to go to the cinema, I even went paintballing with the other ARAMCO students. The older students are great and we can ask their advice about things at Aston."

Aston is located in the city centre which makes it very good for transport links from the different stations nearby and connecting to Birmingham International Airport. Birmingham is also the second biggest city in the UK, there are many restaurants here where I can get halal food.

I’m on the International Foundation Year programme, it doesn’t focus on just teaching us English, just grammar and spelling, we are encouraged to improve our English through studying academic modules which makes it much more interesting.

Marwan Bukhary
Marwan Bukhary

Marwan Bukhary, MBA, Saudi Arabia

"I heard about Aston University through the British Council in Jeddah as Aston Business School has been approved by the Saudi Cultural Bureau."

The MBA Programme has Triple Accreditation; (AMBA) The Association of MBAs, (EQUIS) accreditation awarded by the European Foundation for Management Development and (AACSB) Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, these triple accreditations distinguished Aston from other Universities.

I have been to several big Cities such NYC and London, Birmingham is the second largest City in the UK after London, the campus is walking distance from the city centre, I really feel that I live in the city side, and there is no need for transportation. I have no doubt of encouraging my Saudi friends to come to Aston Business School.

Hamad Saleh Alyami
Hamad Saleh Alyami

Hamad Saleh Alyami, MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences, Saudi Arabia

"I advise students to come here surely, no matter what they want to study."

I chose to come to Aston because of the rank of Aston, it has a good reputation I am also planning to do a PhD, it has excellent research opportunities.Aston also offers general English courses, it’s very useful.

I like everything here! In Birmingham there are so many cultures and at Aston the people are very helpful.

Hussain Al-Ghaithpicnic
Hussain Al-Ghaithpicnic

Hussain Al-Ghaith, Aramco Scholar, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Hussain studied the IFP before his BSc Accounting for Management, at Aston Business School.

“I was pleased that the IFP met my expectations. The programme gave a clear indication about what we would study in the first year of a degree and we had the opportunity to learn subjects which were not familiar to us.  I also enjoyed the activities provided, especially the end of the year excursion to Alton Towers!

The overall experience of studying the IFP was awesome and gave us the opportunity to explore the city of Birmingham and to prepare for our future studies at Aston Business School.”

Naema Sultan Albooshi

Naema Sultan Alblooshi, International Foundation Programme, United Arab Emirates

"I chose to study at Aston because it’s a well-known University and more specifically it’s a high-ranking University for business studies. I believe studying here will broaden my horizons and enable me to fulfil my dream.
At home I was surrounded by my family and friends and everything seemed easy. It is different when you study abroad. I love Aston because it helped me to make friends from different cultures and backgrounds. The University is located in the city centre, which makes me worry less about safety. Living in Birmingham made me forget about homesickness. There is such a variety of activities and places to go to for leisure. The Bullring and Selfridges are my favourite for shopping.

I am planning to study a degree in International Relations and Business; this is why I chose the International Foundation for Business and Social Sciences. The programme has enriched my knowledge in these areas. I also enjoyed getting to know people from different parts of the world.
In the future I want to fulfil the dream of becoming an Ambassador to my beloved country.
Studying abroad is a challenge; I am glad I faced this challenge with Aston."

Hazza Al-Naeimi
Hazza Al-Naeimi

Hazza Al-Naeimi, MSc Operational Research and Performance Management, United Arab Emirates

"Graduation is only a concept, In real life every day you graduate, But my real Graduation being an Emirate national, was through the MSc course in Aston University, where  I have gained a lot of knowledge, endorsed my academic qualifications that contributed tremendously positive toward my career development and performance professionalism.

From this prestigious institution “Aston University” and its academic specialists, I have truly nourished and taken the right step in the ladder of success and excellence."