Student Profiles from East Asia

Stella Loi
Stella Loi

Stella Loi, BSc International Business and Economics, Macau

"The programme leader and my tutor have been very helpful and patient in tracking my progress and supporting me in my studies."

I chose Aston after visiting a clearing higher education fair in Hong Kong. There I met several students from Hong Kong doing their degrees at Aston. They introduced me to their lives and studies at the University, sharing that students there feel like they are being part of a big family. After the education fair, I attended an orientation camp in Hong Kong, which was organised by Aston Chinese students’ society. I was particularly impressed by Aston students’ excellent performance, which was the main reason for choosing the University for my Undergraduate Studies.

International Business and Economics (BSc) is a really challenging programme, especially for students interested in exploring the rapidly changing environment from an economic perspective. The programme leader and my tutor have been very helpful and patient in tracking my progress and supporting me in my studies. One thing I am really satisfied with is that all teachers (lecturers) are very keen on sharing with us all the knowledge that they have. That is the exact teaching style that I want.

In relation to Aston staff: I am particularly pleased with the Student Support Services and the Careers Centre. They helped me in putting together and processing my documents for my postgraduate and internship application. The services that they provide are one of the aspects that make Aston University unique.

Birmingham is a great city for entertainment. You would never feel bored here. City centre is within 5 minutes’ walk. All the convenience stores and the largest shopping centre in Europe, the Bullring, including Selfridges, are located in the city centre. We have got places such as Star City, where you can even play laser games or just go bowling with friends! If you are missing home, China Town is just 15 minutes away from the University. I am certain that you will definitely love the city!

I am planning to further develop my studies in postgraduate education. After studying 3 years at Aston, I feel well equipped with all the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue my Masters degree. My aim is to be a successful management consultant and Aston has definitely been my stepping stone for realising my ambition. If I could go back in time, I would still choose Aston!

Deng Xiaoyan
Deng Xiaoyan

Deng Xiaoyan, MSc Industrial Enterprise Management, China

"I feel I have developed good communication skills"

After recently completing my master degree at Aston University, I consider myself to be a well-motivated and enthusiastic individual. With the background of electronic engineering, I have developed management skills to a distinct perspective towards the adoption of enterprise and innovation within engineering organisations. 

I feel I have developed good communication skills with people and always like to learn from others. Also, I like to analyse, design, problems solving and love a challenge...

Wang Jing

Wang Jing, BSc Business and Management, China

"I chose Aston University because of the reputation of the business school and the location of the campus, which is right near the city." 

I was on the NCUK programme studying on an international foundation year in Chengdu, China and chose Aston University because of the reputation of the business school and the location of the campus, which is right near the city. I wanted to study somewhere where there is a good mix of different nationalities and I have made a lot of friends in my first year here. 

I am living on campus which means that everything is close by including the swimming pool and badminton courts. I want to do well in my studies and might even do some post graduate study after my bachelors, or I will look for a good job, I hope to become a Chartered Accountant.

Wu Yuanqi
Wu Yuanqi

Wu Yuanqi, BSc Biology and Environmental Science & Technology, China

"Aston has a great overall rank in the Complete University Guide, especially excellent graduate level employment."

Most of my classmates were home student in UK. I have had such a great time with them. They showed me what English culture was like, especially cuisine and socialising which are totally different from my country. I have travelled with my classmates around the UK, such as Cambridge, Lake district, and also, by myself to Switzerland.

A Combined Honours degree was such an interesting course for me, to study different subjects at  undergraduate level, which also provided me further insight for my future in different areas. The most important skills I have learned are professional laboratory skills, the course also required students to present their research finding, which improved my presentation skills.

The location of the university is quite convenient for food and shopping, It is second largest city in UK, which mixed different culture all over the world. There is a good mix of cuisine and culture, you can visit many different restaurant from Indian, China, to French and more. Birmingham is very convenient transport in the city, and reasonable distance to other city.

International Student Profile
Jason Ng

Jason Ng, BSc Business and Management, Hong Kong

"I have lived in Aston’s small busy campus and the accommodation is well situated for getting into the city centre and to lectures."

The support on campus is excellent, I have received support from the Undergraduate office and the Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) have helped me with my student visa since I've been here. The lecturers are all very friendly and responsive when you contact them with queries.

Our student guild is constantly creating a number of events and societies for us to get involved in which is very important. There are the Chinese New Year parties along with a karaoke competition all attracting people with similar interests. 

The Chinese society also hosts a camp each year in Hong Kong for incoming students giving everyone an opportunity to meet each other.

I am now going to Nottingham University to complete a postgraduate programme in Tourism Management and Marketing.  I would then like to start working in the tourism industry, either in a hotel or an airline, gaining a few years work experience in the UK before returning to Hong Kong.

Man Hui
Man Hui

Man Hui, BSc Engineering Product Design, Hong Kong

"I chose to study at Aston University because I had heard that the graduate employment record is very high, and I liked the idea of living in the city centre in Birmingham." 

I have really enjoyed the international aspect of this university and living on campus has been great. I received a lot of good advice before I came to the UK and I am looking forward to returning to Hong Kong and looking for work as an industrial designer.

Hayato Morikane
Hayato Morikane

Hayato Morikane, MSc International Business and Management, Japan

"I also valued the chance to do a pre-sessional programme prior to starting my masters."

I was considering the USA and the UK but in the end, the possibility to complete my masters in one year made my decision easier.  The city of Birmingham was my first choice because of the positive images I saw in marketing materials and its excellent location.  I also valued the chance to do a pre-sessional programme prior to starting my masters.

I like the international student environment at Aston where I have made friends with students who come from over 20 countries.  I have also learned a great deal from them.  Studying with students from so many different backgrounds helps break down barriers and cultural differences.  I also like the compact campus and its central location.  The student support you receive at Aston is excellent.

The programme is more structured and more focused on the core components of the course and the syndicate work is quite to different to anything in Japanese universities.

I would advise those who consider studying in the UK to study English well so that they are well-prepared in advance of their studies.  I also found it helpful to use the agent and to attend education events in my home country.  I would recommend doing lots of research not only on English culture and values but also on the university system here and how the course of study is structured. 

student from Japan
Yuko Kiyozuka

Yuko Kiyozuka, MBA, Japan

"I looked into accreditation, rankings in both the Financial Times and The Economist and Aston had a very strong reputation.  I also looked into the location and size of the campus and Aston’s suited me very well."

was initially looking into either the UK or Canada but the option to complete my MBA in just 12 months as opposed to two years and the layout of three terms instead of two semesters was more attractive to me.  I used a private agent to assist me.  

There is also a greater mix of nationalities here in the UK.  I also loved the study trip to Rouen in France which we undertook recently. I have also found that many people have a great curiosity and interest in Japan and so I have answered a lot of questions about Japanese life and culture including some from lecturers about how we might approach things different in Japan.  It is nice to know that so many people are interested in my country and culture. 

I love Birmingham!  It is so convenient for exploring the region and further afield.  I have already visited London, Liverpool, Oxford, Shrewsbury but I have gone to Scotland for the Highland Games, Edinburgh for Hogmanay (Scottish New Year celebrations) and even to Prague in the Czech Republic!  I also like the convenience of living on campus in Stafford Tower.  I am close to everything and can buy most of the things that I need on campus.  I also really value the multi-national mix of students that I study and live with.

I share with 5 other postgraduate students all from different countries and studying different subjects which makes it interesting and also we have an excellent social life.  I have a whole new set of friends!  On my course, the biggest lesson I have learned whilst here at Aston is personal confidence. I would expect that my Aston MBA will open more doors for me and gain me interview opportunities.

The MBA programme is very intensive so be prepared to work from the very first day!  During term, I would typically have 3 or 4 lectures per week each lasting 3 hours.  On top of that, syndicate or group work accounts for most of my workload with meetings lasting 2 to 3 hours each.  On the whole, I work about 10 hours per day Monday to Friday!

For those who are thinking of studying in the UK I would highly recommend it to everyone!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so take it!  Explore as much as possible when you are here and do more than just study.  If possible, speak to an existing student at the university and attend as many education fairs in your home country to help prepare you for the UK.  

In Japan, humility is more valued but outside Japan, confidence is more highly valued and so I have changed to adapt to my new environment. In the UK there is more emphasis on group learning whereas in Japan, it is mostly based on lectures.

I would also recommend that you study as much English language as possible before coming because you are expected to contribute to the discussion with native speakers from day one on the MBA. Finally, I would suggest you increase your familiarity with accounting as I have seen many MBA students struggling with the accounting exam which normally happens in the first term.

Koji Yamamoto

Koji Yamamoto, MBA, Japan

"One of the main reasons that l chose Aston was the wide variety of nationalities of students."

One of the main reasons that l chose Aston was the wide variety of nationalities of students. Everyone has original ideas which l found really interesting . This also helped me to understand ideas from many different angles which is important

The programme was well structured and the computer room was always available for use. I focussed on Strategic Management in my optional modules. The programme also involved working in small groups and presentations which l found very exciting.

I was recruited out of Aston University in 2006 to manage the business operations of a major Japanese trading company with a London branch. After over a year of conducting and managing business operations in the UK l was invited to manage the operations of SI-UK Osaka. SI-UK are one of Aston's overseas representatives promoting the University in Japan

In the future l would like to start my own business in Japan helping students who want to study abroad, especially in the UK. I would then like to expand the business to Asian countries around Japan. The Aston MBA will help me achieve this goal.

Taejin Ham

Taejin Ham, MSc Investment Analysis, South Korea

"The university also has good sports facilities such as the Woodcock sports hall located on the campus. I particularly enjoy playing Squash there."

After conducting my research on the best place for me to study for a postgraduate qualification, I chose the MSc in Investment Analysis for Aston’s Business School. This was because of the University’s strong reputation for Business and its world renowned research quality. Furthermore, I was also attracted to the MSc programme because the CFA society recognises the Investment Analysis course as highly relevant to professional practice and industry standards, thus successfully completing the programme will enable me to attract employers from prestigious financial institutions and secure my dream job. 

I like the location of the university campus because it is a short walking distance to the large city centre. There are also many restaurants and shops to choose from. 

After completing my MSc I plan to live and work in Hong Kong (the financial hub of Asia!), my aim is to have a successful career in Investment Banking or as a Financial Analyst that is able to make decisions that are ethical yet favourable for the firm I represent.

I have been posting monthly blog posts to show you about my time at Aston University. Click Here if you would like to have a read.

Ms Jeeah Hwang

  Ms Jeeah Hwang, BSc Marketing, South Korea

"The student mix on my programme is good with about 60% UK, 20% EU, 20% International."

I have learnt that it is important to be able to work with a diverse group of people. Ultimately, I want to work for a multinational company which will have staff from all around the world. This is a great place to learn about other cultures and develop as a person as there are lots of other international students here.

I like Aston’s city centre location. Initially, l thought a more rural location would be nice and after visiting Warwick and Bath Universities, l decided l would prefer to live near a big city where l there is more to see and do. I also favoured Aston because it is a small friendly university and the city of Birmingham is not as busy as London.

The first year was great! Having a common first year and being introduced to the key areas of business was useful. In Korea, students plan their own timetables where they decide which lectures to attend but here at Aston the timetable is more structured. The lecturers are friendly and always available.

I hope to graduate with a good honours degree. I plan on working for a couple of years, hopefully in the UK. Perhaps then I will consider applying for a Masters qualification.  Aston has a highly ranked business school and an excellent employment record. By studying at Aston, l hope this will make it easier to get a job. I know some companies favour Aston graduates.

Jun Su Park
Jun Su Park

Jun Su Park, BSc Marketing, South Korea 

"The pre-sessional English course was a great way for me to make friends before my course started."

I chose to study at Aston University because of the reputation of the Business School and the location of the University in Birmingham. It’s a lot different to living in London and the campus here is really friendly. The teaching here is excellent, the lecturers are very supportive and I would like to do a placement year in my third year of study. 

Ya-wen Cheng, MSc Marketing Management
Ya-wen Cheng

Ya-wen Cheng, MSc Marketing Management, Taiwan

"I chose Aston University for its excellent reputation in academic fields and its great ranking in the UK and in the world. The location of Aston University is in the city centre of Birmingham." 

For an international student, it is really convenient to settle down because transportation and shopping malls are within a reach. Furthermore, there are systemic supportive programmes available for students. Finally, as a student at the Business School, it’s important to know what is happening in the market. Birmingham, as the second large city in the UK with low living cost, is the best place to study. Aston University not only has excellent professors in its academic fields but also has great location for students to interact with the real world.

I am a postgraduate student in Marketing Management. The Learning and Development Centre offers support for students in order to understand the education system in the UK and provides tips for dissertation management and for the prevention of plagiarism. These programmes greatly help international students to fit into the new learning context. 

Furthermore, the professors are excellent in teaching. Through conversation with them, students can develop critical analytical skills in their fields of study. Finally, the multicultural learning environment provides an opportunity for student to learn to coordinate in global context and to trigger new ideas from different perspectives of people who are from different cultures.

Birmingham is a very nice city with low living cost. It’s in the centre of the UK so the transportation is really convenient. Also, within 10-minute walk, students can arrive at the city centre from Aston University! No worries on transportation, food and entertainment.

I would like to work in the UK for a while after graduation. I’m eager to learn more about what makes the UK one of the leaders in the world. With the training in the postgraduate school, I would like to proof and enhance my marketing skills in the real business world.