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Harbir Mahoon Student Profile
Harbir Mahoon

Harbir Mahoon, MPharm (Graduated July 2010), Canada

Read about my Aston experience below.

There is a great student life here and as an international student I took part in the international freshers’ week which was great! When we first started, the Pharmacy department arranged its own tour for all the new students round the labs and facilities .

I am now going to do my pre-registration year with Boots in Northfields before returning to Canada.

I have relatives in Birmingham and knew that Aston was a good university. We’re on a small campus which creates a really friendly environment. It is easy to keep in touch with your friends. It’s a very sociable city, there are three universities so you get to meet students from other universities.

Najat Abu-Hamileh
Najat Abu-Hamileh

Najat Abu-Hamileh, MPharm, Canada

Read about my Aston experience below.

Aston has quite a high profile in Canada so an MPharm from Aston will open doors for me back home. It has also given me plenty of practical experience. The Aston MPharm includes lots of hospital visits quite early on in the programme so that helped me decide between Hospital or Community Pharmacy as a career choice. I want to return home to Canada after graduation where I would like to focus on a career in Hospital Pharmacy initially and perhaps return to do a PhD at a later stage.

Brian Flores

Brian Flores, BSc Business and Management, Mexico

"I really like the sense of community that we have in Aston, the fact that you can get involved in almost any activity of your interest reflects the diversity you find around campus."

I really like the sense of community that we have in Aston, the fact that you can get involved in almost any activity of your interest reflects the diversity you find around campus. Aston University gives me a feeling of independence combined with responsibility that I do not find at home. I think that you grow as a person as well, since you have to deal with so many things by yourself, that you must overcome them, and proving to yourself that you can handle it, gives you confidence that will be of great use in life.

I was involved in the Swimming and Water Polo team, which managed to get into the semi-finals of the BUCS tournament for the first time in Aston University history. Being part of a really close team, and getting to know so many people because of that is something that I will always take with me. I also tried volleyball and ball room dancing.

I’ve really seized the opportunity my first time in Europe has given me! I got to travel around Paris, Rome and Edinburgh. Inside England I’ve been to Sheffield, Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, and of course London.

Austin Cornilles
Austin Cornilles

Austin Cornilles, MSc Strategy and International Business 

"I look forward to meeting students from all over the world and gaining an international perspective on business." 

I will be blogging regularly about my life at Aston, Click here to have read 

I am from Portland, Oregon in the United States.  I graduated with my Bachelor’s in sociology will be studying a MSc in Strategy and International Business at Aston University.  I love watching and playing sports, travelling, and creating lasting memories with family and friends.

There are a lot of logistics that you need to think about when moving to the UK.  Some things you need to keep in mind when moving include:

  • Opening a new bank account and becoming accustomed to new banking policies
  • The different policies for paying bills such as water and electric
  • Registering with the healthcare system
  • Learning new phrases and words that are popular in the UK

A few weeks ago I was informed that I was awarded the Santander Scholarship from the Aston University International Office. I am very grateful for the financial help I will be receiving to pay for my studies.  The scholarship will really help me focus more of my attention on being a student, which will better prepare me for my future endeavours.

I plan to be involved with companies and organizations that create socially innovative products and services.  My passion and dream is to reduce unemployment and eliminate extreme poverty around the globe. 

Michael Bragonier

Michael Bragonier, MSc International Business 

"Because of the Banco Santander Scholarship, not only will I be better aided financially while studying in the UK, but I will also have more opportunities to be involved with Aston University."

My name is Michael Bragonier and I am studying at Aston University for my Master’s in International Business for the Fall of 2014.  Originally I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, but at the age of 12 our family moved to California where I attended high school and college for my undergraduate degree in Accounting.  

I will be blogging regularly about my life at Aston, Click here to have read  

When I heard the news that I was selected as a recipient of the Banco Santander Scholarship, I was completely ecstatic.  From the age of seventeen, I had been a self-supporting student working my way through my undergraduate degree through athletics, music, and academic scholarships. By receiving this scholarship, not only will I be able to support myself better during my time at Aston University, I will also be able to focus on my studies more efficiently. 

I am looking forward to incorporating my professional experience in the classroom, I am also looking forward to expanding my knowledge as well as corroborating the different experiences and viewpoints of my colleagues and professors.

Garet Quigg

Garet Quigg, MSc Strategy and International Business 

"I chose the MSc Strategy and International Business program at Aston because of it’s well-rounded and diverse curriculum."

I received my undergraduate degree in International Business, and I am looking forward to the challenge of completing my MSc Strategy and International Business from Aston. I grew up in a small, close-knit community in central Missouri.

One of the opportunities the scholarship provides is the chance to write a blog chronicling my experiences of being a student at Aston. I would like to welcome you to what will hopefully become a helpful source of information as you begin your journey to Aston. 

My blogs can be found here.

I was fortunate enough to be selected as an Aston University/Banco Santander Scholarship recipient for 2014-2015. I must say that while the financial support of the scholarship is great, I am probably more excited by the prospect of being able to share my experiences with other students. From arriving in the city for the first time, to meeting professors and fellow students, I want to give an interesting and informative look insight to Aston University and the city of Birmingham.

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