Wenting Yang from China

Wenting Yang
Wenting Yang

Course: International Year Abroad

Where from/ Nationality: Chinese

Previous University: Tianjin Foreign Studies University

What influenced you to come and study at Aston?  
Aston University represents an awesome academic reputation in the UK as well as in the world. The students who graduated from the Aston University always have the competitive edge in the  employment . While the most luckiest thing is that the Aston University is a welcoming place for every student who comes from China. Therefore,  I can get the chance to be an exchange student to spend my final year in Aston. It is really an valuable opportunity for me to improve my overall English skills, broaden my horizons and meet a lot of friends who come from different countries.

Tell us about your programme of study.  Modules, exams, workload, practical experience, study hours/timetable, lecturers, etc.  

 My programme in Aston is IYA, which is studying three years in my motherland and spending the final year in the Aston University. I mainly learn the English here and some other English in certain fields. There are compulsory and elective courses  in my terms. Introduction to Language of Business ,academic skills, IELTS Preparation with Current Affairs , Introduction to Life in Britain are my compulsory course and I choose Introduction to the Language of Banking  Introduction to the Language of Tourism & Hospitality Variations of English as my elective courses.

What do you like about studying at Aston and living in Birmingham?

The university provides students  a lots of different platforms to study better.

The university is diversity. Students here can be a international talent after studying in Aston University.
The people in the Birmingham are nice and friendly. I can get the help from them .

Staff in the university is very helpful and warm-hearted  to students with different issues.

Aston University  is located in the centre of Birmingham city, so the living here is very convenient and you can buy nearly everything you want.

Birmingham has a beautiful landscape.

The transport system is convenient in Birmingham, I can get to the places where I want to go easily.

The life in the Birmingham is convenient because I can buy the daily product and food in a short distance.

Aims for the future: what do you hope to do when you graduate and how do you think Aston might help you achieve them? 

I want to pursue my postgraduate in the UK concerning business study.

What are the differences between studying at Aston in the UK compared with studying in your home country?

The most distinct thing that I find between studying in the U.K. and in my home country is that there are a great deal of information available at Aston. The staff in different departments in the university will give the students a variety of channels to acquire the information, data and enhance overall capacities.

What is the student mix on your programme like and what have you learned from them?

There are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai in my programme. All of us can benefit from the mixed culture by studying together and talking to each other. It is really  a challenge for all the students to accept and learn different cultures in different countries, such as customs, the living style and so on.

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