Tong Bai from China

Tong Bai
Tong Bai

Course: Human Resources Management, Undergraduate


Where from/ Nationality: China

What influenced you to come and study at Aston?  

Firstly, as we know, Aston University is famous around the world for its business study, and the sandwich course in Aston University is also popular in UK with high employability rate every year. A number of well-known business people have also graduated from Aston University who we can find in the alumni section in Aston University official website. 

The second point is the location of Aston University. Aston University locates in the centre of Birmingham. Birmingham is the second biggest city with industrial activity in the UK. So, Birmingham is more modern than other cities in England. Also, Birmingham is famous for business trading. Therefore, there will be more opportunities for business students to find a good job in the placement year.    

What do you like about studying at Aston and living in Birmingham?

  1. Convenient life because Aston locates near the centre of Birmingham 
  2. Complete sport equipment
  3. Aston students are all friendly
  4. Course timetable and course module are good for students
  5. Nice accommodation residence 


  1. Safety security
  2. Good weather with enough sunshine
  3. Modern shopping mall 
  4. Convenient traffic facilities
  5. Clean streets 

Aims for the future: what do you hope to do when you graduate and how do you think Aston might help you achieve them? 

Firstly, of course, I have to be done with all the courses required. Secondly, I want to be a volunteer in Aston University to help more new students. Thirdly, I hope I will make more foreign friends and keep in touch with them after graduating.

What are the differences between studying at Aston in the UK compared with studying in your home country?

There are more clubs and societies, and activities you can take part in.

Student Union has better organizational ability. 

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