Meeha Yi

Meha Yi

Course: MSc Product Design Enterprise

Where from/ Nationality: Republic of Korea (S. Korea)

Previous University: Hong-ik University

What was your backgroud before coming to Aston University? - I did my Bachelors and Masters in Architectural Design and Worked as an Architect.

What influenced you to come and study at Aston? - I was researching for a Design Management course and found Aston was popular for Business area. It is an advantage that Aston was good at Business

Did you use the services of an agent? If so how did you find that particular agency? - Yes, a friend of mine who graduated in a master’s course in the UK gave me name of Agency ‘UKEN’ and said it had a lot of information about UK University. They gave me a lot of information; I did not know Aston before contact.

What do you like about studying at Aston and living in Birmingham? - Aston is very near the city centre. There is a lot of event in Broad Street; there is a museum there so I can enjoy cultural things. The campus is not large which is good for me; I don’t have to spend a lot of time travelling

Aims for the future: what do you hope to do when you graduate and how will studying at Aston help you achieve these aims? - I plan to do designing and planning in the design and strategy department of the local design and management firm in the UK. Aston Universities renowned academic programme and systematic curriculum will make this goal a reality. 

What are the differences between studying at Aston in the UK compared with studying in your home country? - I will be more confident at using English after I graduate here. It will be a very big advantage in my home country. I can meet British students and students from all around the world. It will broaden my perspective for global society. 

Looking back over the last year (or your first year), was there anything that you would do differently in preparation that would be useful advice to future Aston students? - Developing writing and speaking ability, I think that is the most important thing to prepare.

What new interests or clubs/societies have you been involved with since you came to Aston? - I have joined The Hanguk Society (Aston Korean Society). That society has provided me with lots of useful information from Korean students who have lived here for a long time, really helping me to adjust to living in Birmingham and the UK.

If you had to sum up Aston in one word what would that word be? - Tripod- Tripod is the most stable structure (Table with three legs is more stable than with four legs). Each leg represents ‘Education’, ‘Reputation’ and ‘Location’ of Aston University which supports every student.

Meeha's Life in Aston