Lemu Muhammed Salihu

Lemu Muhammed Salihu

Course: MSc Information Systems and Business Analysis

Where from/ Nationality: Nigeria

Previous University: Eastern Mediterranean University North Cyprus

What was your background before coming to Aston University?                My Undergraduate was at Eastern Mediterranean University North Cyprus where I studied a 4 year course in Management Information Systems. This is what made me interested in doing this master degree.

What influenced you to come and study at Aston?                                  The programme and the modules, I looked at other Universities and wanted to get something similar to my Undergraduate degree and this was the best for me. The reputation of the Business School being one of the best in the UK.

Did you use the services of an agent? If so how did you find that particular agency? - Yes PFL – Preparation for Life. They helped me with my visa application. When I had a problem with my bank transfer, they helped me also, I would definitely recommend them.

What do you like about studying at Aston and living in Birmingham? - At the careers session I attended the lecturers were very friendly. I also had a meeting with the course director who was very friendly. You could easily walk to the city centre. The people generally are friendly.

Aims for the future: what do you hope to do when you graduate and how will studying at Aston help you achieve these aims? - I would like to work in the UK as a consultant. Before I had plans of doing a PhD, but that is based on if I get a Scholarship.

What are the differences between studying at Aston in the UK compared with studying in your home country? - The learning environment here is better. In my home country the classrooms are overcrowded, but here the lecturers will have more time with the students.

Do you have any advice for other potential student? - I would advise them to come to Aston.

If you had to sum up Aston in one word or phrase what would that word be? - An Inspirational place.