Claudia from Ghana


Hi, my name is Claudia and l'm studying an MSc in Finance and Investments at Aston University. I was awarded the International Office Scholarship for Ghana 2010/2011.

I live with my sister in Milton Keynes and travel to the University by train.

I have 15 hours of lectures a week and a lot of self-study. The workload is fine at the moment but l'm sure that will change soon.

The last few months have been really exciting but l've also had a lot to get organsied. This is my online diary containing my experiences and thoughts so  people who are thinking about coming to the UK and Aston can learn more about the journey...

I also have a student profile which you may find interesting...

Entry 3: Travelling

User Avatar 01/12/2010 15:27:05

By Claudia Halm, MSc Finance & Investments, Ghana 

In England at last! I heaved a heavy sigh of relief when l got to Heathrow airport. I am a step closer to achieving my dream now, l thought to myself. Don’t forget to synchronize your watch. I nearly missed the coach because of that and l would have had to wait another hour sitting at the airport just watching people come and go just because my watch still gave me the time in Ghana which is an hour late!


As though almost missing the coach was not enough. When l got to the coach station  to my horror there were no payphones to call a cab. Obviously my cell phone didn’t have a UK network provider. Here l was struggling with my luggage up and down the path in a futile effort to find a payphone. With none in sight l had to come up with a plan B. So finally l asked one of the waiting passengers to use his cell to call the cab.

Home at last!

Entry 2: Student Visas

01/12/2010 15:23:53

By Claudia Halm, MSc Finance & Investments, Ghana 

With one hurdle crossed, having gained my admission to Aston, l  couldn’t heave a sigh of relief just yet as an even bigger hurdle awaited me. This time acquiring a student’s visa to enable me travel to the UK to actually study. That proved to be tougher than what l thought it would be.  

I didn’t know the requirements for a student’s visa were significantly different from a regular visitor’s visa. That was one very stressful wait for me. Anyway, finally l got the visa and had to rush right over to the UK because l had already missed the Welcome week. Take my word and read the guide for a student’s visa well in advance so you don’t face any drawbacks.

Entry 1: Applying to Aston

30/11/2010 11:10:57

By Claudia Halm, MSc Finance & Investments, Ghana 

The application form wasn’t too bad. There aren’t any complicated questions to answer so you don’t really need to sit down and think about what to say.

I met one of the University reps at an education fair in Ghana. It was nice to meet someone from the University as by this point l was quite serious about Aston. I had already learnt quite a bit about the University and the course through their website.

After submitting my form l got an email a couple of days later acknowledging my application. I was told l would get a response in about 6 weeks, and guess what, l did!

If there are any questions you have you can always call the International Office too. I called a couple of times and the staff were friendly and helpful.