Aston Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the Aston Excellence Scholarship?

Your suitability for an Aston Excellence Scholarship will be assessed using the information supplied on your application. Students who can evidence that they are forecast to achieve the equivalent of a UK upper second class honours degree and provided you meet our eligibility requirements (see Terms and Conditions) will be considered for a scholarship.This scholarship will be conditional on award if you have yet to complete your bachelors degree.

What should I write in my personal statement?

Your personal statement may be reviewed to gather additional evidence to support your eligibility for an Aston Excellence Scholarship. We expect to read about your motivation for studying the particular course at Aston University, as well as what makes you suitable for this award. Tell us about yourself, including prior achievements and examples of academic successes, and also demonstrate knowledge of our programme(s). 

When is the deadline for applying?

In order to be considered for an Aston Excellence Scholarship you must have submitted your student application by 15 March 2018.

Applications must have been received by midnight (UK time) in order to be reviewed. There may be a subsequent round for scholarship applications but this is subject to funding availability and is not guaranteed, so please apply before 15 March 2018 to avoid disappointment. If you have applied by 15 Marc 2018 your application will be reviewed for scholarship eligibility at this time, and will not be considered during any further round, should one be available.

When will I hear if I have been offered an Aston Excellence Scholarship?

We aim to notify all successful applicants within four weeks of receiving your application to study at Aston. 

I need to know the outcome of my Aston Excellence Scholarship application sooner, and cannot wait up to four weeks. Who do I contact to find out?

It is not possible to find out sooner. Regrettably we are not able to provide updates on the outcome of an application due to the volume of applications that are being processed at this time.

I submitted my application after the deadline for Aston Excellence Scholarship consideration. When will I hear from you?

In order to be considered for an Aston Excellence Scholarship you must have submitted your application to study at Aston before the deadline of 15 March 2018. Applications received after this date may not be considered as a second round of scholarships is not guaranteed.

I would like to change my personal statement.

This is not possible. No changes can be made once the statement is submitted, so we recommend you write the statement in another programme, ensure you are happy with it, and then copy and paste it before submitting.

I would like to speak to someone before submitting my application as I feel I have extra supporting information that will help me.

This is not possible. We will make our decisions based on your supporting statement, plus your previous achieved grades. Canvassing Aston staff members in advance of submitting an application is not encouraged.

How are the Scholarship winners selected?

Scholarships are offered on the basis of the information provided in your student application. You must have achieved the equivalent of a UK upper second class honours degree or be able to evidence that you are forecast to achieve this in order to be considered. In order to be offered a scholarship you must also accept your place by the deadline date as stated in your offer email.

I completed my Undergraduate degree at Aston. Can I be awarded an Excellence Scholarship as well as the 20% alumni discount on tuition fees?

No. If you are successful, we will award the greatest amount of any single Scholarship or discount provided by Aston University.

How are awards made? Can I request this as cash?

Awards are made as tuition fee discounts only. This will be shown in the final offer letter and CAS letter used to apply for a visa (if applicable).

I was unsuccessful in being offered an Aston Excellence Scholarship. What now?

We encourage our Scholarship applicants to seek other sources of financial support from outside of Aston University, in case their applications are not successful.

I think I should have been awarded a Scholarship, but I was not. Can I appeal?

Appeals can only be made by candidates who believe a procedural error occurred. The decisions of the academic selection panels are final, and we are unable to discuss winning candidates’ applications for data protection (legal) reasons. Aston University operates a fair and transparent selection policy, and we have outlined our processes and conditions in our Terms and Conditions.

All or part of my tuition fees are being paid by a sponsor. Does this make me ineligible for the Aston Excellence Scholarship?

Sponsored students are not eligible for the Aston Excellence. Sponsors include governments, private companies, and other Universities. Family members who provide financial backing to students are not considered sponsors for tuition fee purposes. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

I need the Aston Excellence Scholarship in order to secure a visa. I won’t have enough money to pay fees, otherwise. Will this be taken into consideration?

We very strongly advise that no student relies on receiving the Excellence Scholarship in order to meet the cost of their tuition fees. Scholarships are awarded for reasons of academic merit, not financial circumstance, and we expect competition to be strong.

What if I am awarded an Excellence Scholarship but fail to complete my course?

Please read our Terms and Conditions very carefully. We expect all Scholarship winners who enrol at Aston University to complete their course. We will ask for the Scholarship amount to be repaid to us if a student fails to complete their course.

I have been awarded a Scholarship. What happens once I arrive at Aston University?

Winners of the Aston Excellence Scholarship will be invited to a celebratory event where you will have the opportunity to meet other successful applicants as well as senior academic staff members. This in an opportunity for Aston University to recognise your hard work, and it will not happen until after you have settled into your studies at Aston.